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Comes out You know they're gonna read every word of it and try to Maybe try to get some answers that you know obviously any paraguayan through something like this one. Too much information when answers they can give and right now in that particular subject. There are no answers. Nobody nobody knows. And we won't until those scientists can get there and do their work. Jeff miller from the l. a. times wrote a really good story over the weekend on The life and death of colt brennan. I would urge you to read it. You can follow jeff on twitter. At jeff miller l. t. If you've got another five minutes. I'd love dash about the chargers. Were about two and a half months away from the beginning of the season You got it's never too early It it's interesting washington schedule. This year includes just stay brutal list of of quarterbacks jeff. I mean they've got Justin herbert josh allen. Patrick mahomes aaron rodgers weather is in green bay or denver because they play both tom brady. Russell wilson dak prescott twice. It's unbelievable i don't know that an. Nfl team has had a list of quarterbacks that they're going to face and i didn't even mention matt ryan and and probably a couple of others but i thought you know Watching the chargers last year. I know that they made a change Staley's in they were so close last year in so many games first of all. When did you guys realize i'm curious. You know media wise fan wise that you had the real deal in herbert. Because he wasn't even scheduled to play until tyrod. Taylor had that incident prior to the kansas city. Game in week two. Now it's funny we A.

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