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At nine eastern on m._s._n._b._c. rachel has the night off but she will be back next week. Now as we head into this holiday weekend all eyes are on hurricane doreen which is beating a path toward florida and gaining strength as it goes. The warm waters of the atlantic are cranking up the storm. Now now in the last half hour doreen was upgraded to a category four hurricane that means it is sustained winds of over one hundred thirty miles an hour. The latest models else have dorian making landfall late monday night or early tuesday morning but where it hits and how much destruction it causes are open questions for now the entire east coast of florida. All the way up to georgia are in the danger zone joining us now with the latest forecast is n._b._c. News meteorologist bill cairns bill. Thank you so much for being here tonight. What is the latest so much is changing so quickly so we knew this storm would become this category for who knows maybe even a category five in the days ahead beast. The big question was where is it going to go and there's big changes with that that i'm going to get to in a second but i gotta show you just how impressive the storm is right now zoomed in close. These are one minute images is from a satellite. We've compiled them together three hour loop. You could see it clears out the i very symmetrical. This is about as powerful as the storm that you'll see on satellite image. You just incredible incredible but it's still three days away from land so that's where we want. These powerful storms like this not like last year with the michael intensified this beast right before it went on shore so as long as we still have this wiggle wiggle room. I'm okay with it being this intense right now and as we mentioned hundred thirty mile per hour winds is still six hundred miles away from south florida so let's get into the good stuff now. Let's to get into the positive stuff. This is our latest upgrade updated computer models. He's committed about every six hours or so and all of a sudden these squiggly lines which yesterday were going straight straight through central florida all of a sudden we have about one two three four of these which never make landfall and the hurricane center saw this trend with the european model earlier in our american model closer toward the coast the storm taking its turn further out to sea so right now. The cone of uncertainty still goes ios in charleston south of miami include all areas over towards tallahassee but this trend is our friend. We want this offshore. I don't care if we have a cat five. That's off the coast and doesn't hit any land areas now for our friends in the northern bahamas. Unfortunately all these lines are dangerously close to you. You're going to get a direct hit from a powerful hurricane. We know that they're already getting outta there prepared for that but we'd like to avoid that for our frontier in areas from avar county all the way up to code and i mentioned bavard county because just in case it doesn't make that turn.

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