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Northern refuses to leave Super Bowl security. I'm Evan Haning. Virginia governor Ralph northbound's he will stay in office despite widespread calls for his resignation after a racist photo on his school yearbook page surfaced. The picture includes a person in black face, another costumes as Ku Klux klansman Northam says neither in the picture is him. Why did not appear in this photo? I am not surprised by its appearance in the yearbook in the place and time where I grew many actions that we rightfully recognize as at horn today. We're commonplace north was twenty five when the pictures appeared in his medical school yearbook in one thousand nine hundred eighty four Virginia senators, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine as well as Democratic National Committee chairman, Tom Perez, and many other top Democrats are among those calling for north him to step down. Well ahead of tomorrow's Super Bowl. Authorities are restricting access to. Pedestrian bridge that had been built to make it easier to enter the stadium and the decision has upset some Atlanta tax payers. The bridge reportedly cost the city twenty three million dollars to build the initial price tag was thirteen million. But ten more million dollars were spent to assure it would be ready for the Super Bowl it opened in time. But because of security screenings surrounding a wide perimeter of the stadium. It will only be used by credentialed media in staff to enter some residents took the social media saying the bridge was excessive and a waste of taxpayer dollars. The bridge though will be opened after the game for anyone to cross at the Super.

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