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But apparently, they're very happy and is good looking. And then Erica Jane says. I actually. Erica Jane goes, actually, I like to think about you and Erin having sex. It's right up there with my ports over really you. Don't imagine you and Mr. dirty having sex to get you horny. Well, I imagine in fixing those tiles in my getting some money. So I can redo the tiles in my pool. That's what I do Bickies here. Mickey what are we what are we going to pack in the Bahamas? My God this shoes pray for just like relaxing around the lounge chairs Elia, that's like that. That's really nice. That's like a tagger meets Hong Kong meets Bahamas meets a wild animal park. And then I was thinking what about this for a moment hot pink body glove one piece with these glasses? Oh, you know at baby I'm wearing I'm going to be wearing this every day. Well, no, I'm not that's why I'm taking five trunks. So they're off they get into the private jet. And after they eat some fruit Kyle Okaz just crying about her daughter leaving. But she and Shinri CEO have a very good marriage. They have the daughters working at the real estate company. I mean, it just like me when I used to work with my parents say relationship anyway, so Kyle's in the plane trying to get over excited to fly. And then to read says, so we have some very exciting things that would doing on this Bahama trip. That I have put together for all of you, my lovely ladies. So I but going to a private island when we get there tomorrow. And Lisa Mona Lisa. The number coming roles arise like what's wrong with the private island, and you old have Butte. There's old beautiful rooms. But I have the champion. Sweet. And Lisa van, Nepal. I would like you to be my roommate. Note rooming with anybody else not how is vacation. Oh, come only, savannah. But we always have such a good go at it. We have such a good fun. Won't you come when my room? I want to be into read through. I mean, she's knows. And she has a lot of gas. I mean worse than cannon worse. When even Jikei when he's not feeling. Well, I'm like what I rather sniff. My jinx tres ASO Theresa and it's chicks STA. So everyone's like, God, Lisa Vanderbilt that was in very nice. And I'll oh and when she got on the plane. She's like, oh, this is nice to read finally do something. Right. So it's starting oh, another Starkey thing. Lisa banner pumps said was she's like, you know, I'm excited. I've I've decided. I'll go to the Bahamas with the girls. Even though I've had a very difficult time at even though delete sent one of pump dogs to kill shelter. I still love to reet, you know. That's just a rape. That's the kind of things that she does. And I was like, whoa. Yeah. This dog thing. Puppy gate is gonna get real. And it's gonna keep going on women like me, and you well, come in all different shapes and sizes, and we all deserve to have a swimsuit that we love one that makes us feel beautiful and confident when we wear it. That's why I am so excited to tell you about miracle suit dot com. They offer beautiful stylish slimming swimwear that caters to all lifestyles body types and sizes..

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