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Lastly. I just want to talk about up. The <hes> two thousand nine hundred ninety fever who sits award <hes> this is the award for the best goal of the calendar year so right now the the nominees and if you have not got the chance to see any of these strongly suggest you go to youtube or google it and check out these these goals some of them are truly amazing <hes> i we have matias kuna from rb leipzig his goal against a beyer our liver cruising in the bundesliga it was it was pretty legit. You gotta go see it. <hes> next. We have a former winner of this tiny brahima vich for adela galaxies a goal against toronto f._c. I can't even really explain what he did. It was kind of this weird kind of chicken wing thing he lagos. It was pretty amazing. He won this back in two thousand and thirteen with that ridiculous. I don't know how far away he was bicycle bicycle kick in that friendly against a england when he was playing for sweden next. There's a leo messi barcelona to goal against real real betis. <hes> adjara nuke chart for cameroon was a golden the women's world cup against the new zealand <hes>. I'm going to mess this up. Fabio rela for some doria a goal against napoli last season one fernando kandara l- <hes> for river plate go against racing in the argentina premia division. Amy rodriguez the utah royals f c <hes> goal against sky blue f._c. In the national women's soccer league league <hes> billy simpson the of the cliftonville ladies a goal against ceylon swift's ladies in the northern ireland women's ends premiership under townsend for crystal palace is go against manchester city last season and lasts daniel. We'll saudi debate can't pronounce his team's name depression is a goal against fed enviros in the top league in hungary <hes> like i said i highly suggest if you get the chance to check a whole these gold out because they are all amazing easing the nominations. They never disappoint. They're always fun to watch. You know who can say who's gonna win. It's hard to the judge goals from different players different leagues different styles different positions but if i had my my say in nisa while it would probably be oh man be tough between the a jar and choke from cameroon and latins goal will against toronto f._c. I mean most of those goals are ridiculous but like i said check it out for yourself. <hes> and let me know what you think. What goal do you think will win. <hes> i'm on facebook instagram twitter to search you know ninety an extra time or as always you can email email me ninety and extra time at g mail dot com. I almost messed up almost had an episode without talking about the beasts do guard so <hes> this past weekend b if b stewart played against escobar our <hes> the game ended up being a zero zero draw <hes> <hes> stewart though however <hes> went down to ten men because they got a red card in the second half <hes> but you know they're on the road rude. Getting a point on the road is not bad right now. They are sitting in third place in the second bundesliga <hes> on eight points in four matches. Shes so not terrible but they could obviously be doing better so just wanna give you guys a little bit before ended the show and.

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