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The. Eagles every year. And that makes it difficult to keep funding. Good band aids. Some years they do it two years ago. They won the Super Bowl. It was jibe with a trade was the Garrett blown who gave him a Goodyear and Clement comes out of nowhere as an undrafted back. But that that's the exception to the rule if you keep dumpster diving for running backs every year and hoping there's gonna be a lot of years like last season where you get very little out of the position. I is in Burlington. What's up like Joe? What's happening, man? How you doing? Good. Good. Good talk to you you to listen. I'm with you to an extent we guys listen we won a Super Bowl. A year ago year a year and a month ago? We don't have to be so, hyper aggressive. It is the first day of official free agency. This start to the nude leakier. This is going on on this show right now. And the people are calling in, you know, after the draft or even up until then you can still make moves I'm with you guys. I wanted cabin Coleman more than I want to be on bell. But I'm gonna tell you something how we already told us what he's doing. He's playing the top game. We could have waited for the show Jackson to get released. But you know, what he said I'll give up a six round pick this year. Take good photos fourth round their next year. We're going to get picks for Nick foles. We're going to get complex for Jordan Hicks for Ronald Darby four golden Tate. We are going to make a trade for a running back. And if one happens to pop up forgets released, and they're cheap might be interested in that. But he already told you what he's doing. I love what he's doing because it's smart dab. You realize the New England Patriots have not signed one free agent. So far. Mike, and I hear that. I think we, and I I understand what you're saying. And I want them to take that approach for the most part. But the with the eagles aren't the patriots. Like, they get the benefit of the doubt because they win. Stay won six Super Bowls. The eagles patriot. I understand. But there is something to the method. They use by replenishing. Do you know? Wait a second though. And you're right. But you know, they also sometimes go against the grain the patriots when they need to last year. They took sunny Michelle in the first round and he helped them get to the Super Bowl with a big game in the playoffs. So the at some point here going against the grain. I appreciate a man can be good. You don't always have to stick to this tried and true philosophy compensation picks also with that. And I looked compensation pick formula legal's been playing a very smart game with the patriots, do whatever your as well. And if you can do it and pull it off, and you get extra picks, you're gaining the system, which is great. But here's the problem if you ever needed a position, and you don't want draft that position high which the eagles draft running backs high and you don't want to sign free agents. Where are you going to get the player? It's either going to have to be in the mid rounds and eagles have have bad tracker now of drafting mid round running backs. So if you're not drafting them high fine that's fine philosophy. You don't want to sign him. You don't want to get your complex fine. That's fine philosophies. Well, where's the running back coming from? Where are they going to get? And the reason why I'm fired up about this tonight. I understand they want free agency. I understand technically the league ear has been active for two hours, technically, two hours, eighteen minutes. But of the of all the running backs on the market the top one two three four five six seven eight nine are off the market the top nine running backs already gone. This is now what's out there for deals Brandon Bolden if I'd line these people up in front of you even football fans and fantasy football players. You wouldn't know that were Brandon Bolden? You would know marshawn Lynch because everyone knows marshawn Lynch you can't play anymore. Blau Powell who I like, and he's thirty Jonathan Stewart was done two years ago, Corey grant legare blunt is done. Je quiz Rogers, the most tree names left on the list are TJ Yeldan Spencer ware. These are third running backs. So unless there's a trade coming or unless the eagles are going to depart from their philosophy and draft. Maybe just in the first round. I don't see where they're getting a running back. You could say, well, we're not gonna play the game of the first day of free agency fine. But if all the good players go on the first day, and you're sitting there, and it's again musical chairs. You don't have a seat you philosophy doesn't work. Let's talk to Randy who's up next on WBZ. What's up Randy? Hey, what's going on? Man. You doing? I'm a little pissed off to be honest. I'm a little I'm a little hot like okay for one. Kevin Coleman a five million a year men. That is still man it is what are we doing? We're sitting here, and we're sitting here. Okay. So we're going to get a fourth or worried about or like a fourth round compact law coming our way, what are the fourth round pick gonna get us. Nothing. Naven play. I don't understand we have the money to do it. He's a game changing running back on sign up. And here's the thing. Randy. When it comes to the fourth round pick a year from now the eagles are loading up this year. You don't you don't bring Sean back. You don't sign me. They're loading up to try to win at least one more before they have to pay Carson. So this is the time to sign a running back. Right. And we're going to sit here like pretend that the top ten running backs in the drafter all going to be able to you know, contribute to us. And like Josh Jacobs to fall flat on his face stock. We don't know Koran Hickman could be an all pro next year. We don't know what with that. Randy eight. Let's say let's say they like, Josh Jacobson. Let's say they think Josh Jacobs is going to be great. He also could go to picks before them. And then they have they don't have the player. Exactly. I I know Daniel Jeremiah hasn't been it's top five, man. I don't understand. I mean, like, I understand, you know, you wanna keep Nelson. Or around. No for nine point four million dollars. Man, come on. And it's not worth not point four million dollars. Well, he's not. And if he is I shouldn't come at the expense. Rainy. Appreciate of running back. Look, I'll be real about it running backs in free agency are risky, and they are usually not a good bet that this the really because they have carries on them their older. Kevin Coleman to ten is a fine. Bet. Mark Ingram at three fifteen is a fair bet. They're both better than average bets to succeed. This wasn't forget the Levy on belting. I never wanted that that would have been ridiculous haven't Coleman a to ten and then you can draft the running back you want where you want without the pressure of having to get that player. The eagles have gotten the benefit of the doubt. How it gets the benefit out in this town a lot because they won the Super Bowl. And it's how we season, and it's like, well, we just laugh at everything every other team. Does it how he does everything? Right. This doesn't make any sense doesn't make any sense at all Matthew is up next. Are you good, man? What's going on? Hey, so I'll be honest man, I urge ticked off at the the whole situation. I feel like it's a Titanic and there's ten lifeboats. And we just watched them all sail away. You know, I I checked my son. And I said, you're not gonna believe this at least you went to a crappy team. But that's not the point. So we need a running back, and this guy the other caller said how he won the Super Bowl. Okay. He made some good decisions net foles and the players won the Super Bowl. And Doug coach dog. That's correct. How we had an up and down up and down, man. He just went a lotta rungs down and a conservative mind is I think there is a direct correlation between not having a good running back and Carson Wentz his health. So you're gonna you're gonna tip that scale and have past past past. And I got it. I got it more of a passing team. But you're asking him to do so much more more of a chance of getting injured. I really think that it's a fair point. I mean, the more he's back there that the less balanced, they are and I want to be more passing him too. But the less balance they have Matthew. Appreciate it. It does expose Carson Wentz. If he's going to be back there throwing six hundred passes. It changes the equation. It totally does let's grab John filled out. What's up, John? Yeah. Hey there. How're you doing? Enjoy your show. But I have a little thing there, knowing my thing not always just how he is. So I'll blame it on Jay baron because if you look back two years ago when all of the running back was coming through seems we could have had a choice and Joe Bannon just disregard at all. So we lost all over here to go pick bowl poet who whatever for running back. So that's my phone line. You can tell me what you take me. Joe Douglas, Joe banner. Joe Douglas, Douglas, right. That makes more sense John. I appreciate. Yeah. I mean, he's part of this. And they have to hit like all right? Let's go to the Douglas thing. They have to hit on the draft pick stuff if they're gonna go that way, and they go in the fourth round. They gotta do it. Are we going to hand this over to Phillies baseball the first time? I could do this for the first time in a while Phillies tonight, whereas Bob Bob this leading off unbelievable. Many leading off excavating off the Phillies night will be Andrew mccutchen. Maybe the sort of their lineup on opening day will hand it off down in the grapefruit league. I'll be back after the game Phillies and the Yankees tonight should be a fun one Bryce Harper is in the lineup. So you guys enjoy the game. We have the game right here on WNYC tonight Phillies coming at you in just a few minutes. Enjoy it. I will talk to you right after it's on WIP sports radio ninety four WIP twenty twenty four by.

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