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You better white young metro to trust you metro moment if not i think what is it future shooter. Is that what it was. Is that who that is. You're right. that's the group it's human nature on. Chechen he's gonna right. Yeah so you better listen. You know who's trusty better gather you better get metro young metro okay. Yes they boom dance right. If you ain't got young metros trust go shoot you okay so metros the key today trying not gonna shoot. You know we're not gonna shoot. Maybe with scored done but not not the maybe yes squirt gun. You know maybe did you guys ever shoot the the gun grown up. Maybe the Cap gun. yeah guys ever have one of those in the smell that sulfur smell after the cap you shooter you pull up the the the the hammer back in and mix that noise and all of a sudden you see smoking candy cigarettes a little. Clint eastwood bad ugly there. You go But young metro. You've gotta have him. he's got to trust you. This remember that so on this show. It's all about young metro. We trust you does. Romeo cornell trust is roster and is he trust rookies. Well let's ask Because of the rookies. And what's going on and a one in six start will rookie start playing more romeo. This season well. I think a lot of that depends on how the rookies play. You know when you put a rookie. And if he plays well then you give him more reps. He is inconsistent. Then maybe you don't give him as many rats you know but that that's all up to the rookie and that's not really up to me. That's up to the rookie. Because he's got to go out there and he's got to perform but in his defense he still a rookie and he doesn't know what he doesn't know. And so when he goes out there and the speed of the game picks up. And now you got blockers coming from different ways and you think you can make display and you get off the block to make the play but the runners no longer where you thought he was gonna be. And now there's a seam defense and we're giving up rushing yardage you wanna keep playing that guy until he can get some experience..

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