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ABC news juju Chang a federal judge has ordered former White House counsel don began to testify in the house impeachment investigation began was a star witness and special counsel Robert Muller is Russia investigation a justice department spokeswoman says they will appeal president trump is signed into law an act that creates the women's suffrage centennial commemorative coin is no more directs the treasury department to issue four hundred thousand one dollar silver coins duration of the one hundredth anniversary of women's securing the right to vote know what is going to take that one off the coins will feature suffragist and female pioneers including Susan B. Anthony Elizabeth Cady Stanton Tubman an ida B. wells a federal judge has sentenced a Chinese business woman to eight months in prison for trespassing at president trump's Mar a Lago club in March and lying to secret service agents the judge also ordered the woman deported after she completes her sentence this is ABC news the US Supreme Court says justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is back at the court following a hospital stay Ginsburg spent two nights at Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore the court says she was treated for possible infection with intravenous antibiotics and fluid the Supreme Court strikes a blow to the efforts to curb the influence of money in politics in unanimous opinion the Supreme Court rejected Alaska's campaign contribution limits of five hundred dollars per candidate per year the justices said the cap is inconsistent with the two thousand six Supreme Court decision that said a contribution limit that is too low can be an obstacle to electoral fairness a lower court will now have to re visit Alaska's law five other states have similar contribution limits and the decision could put those laws at risk ABC's Erin conter scape make Donald has signed to a twenty six million dollars settlement in a lawsuit filed nearly seven years ago the class action lawsuit was filed over wages.

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