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Welcome to Zyppah remixed. Over! Yeah, that's that's the one they make sprite remix anymore, no dance. Focus. My. Handle Oh my goodness, there. You are Oh my good man's. All right. Let's talk about what's trending right now. Rams New logo trending because the los. Angeles Rams have released a logo. US Basically Yeah Lisa Hat. That has a new logo on it. It is I would say not good right. There's one way to describe it. What were straight traffic supposed to be a wave or something? I don't know it's supposed to be like in L.. A. A. is curving back to be like. Oh! Yeah that they have on the helmets ray, but it like it all happen because it was on, someone posted on Reddit I'm like no, this can't be because this is such fucking garbage and then people were like. Yeah this actually we can confirm this Halloween confirm. Big If true big, if true love it, if true especially in October, but this is yeah, it's it's not. It looks like almost like a half chargers logo. It definitely evokes have been charger right? Yeah I I don't know who the fuck they hire to make the logos right I mean I can see the design logic there like make the La more prominent because we want like city, pride or something like that, whereas in the past you know the logo has just been the ram right so by adding La more prominently. They're like we're. We're setting down roots. We're La's team now. It's just kinda whack the way they did it i. don't know I. Think probably because all of these things end up at like at a point where some dude with no swag is. The has the final word right and they're like I. Don't know about that. Cool logo ran the one where the La looks like the. Yeah? Committee Committee decisions designed by committee. Did you send somebody else with here Dan Dan Dan? Is he the one who's? Hitting the Mike. Trying to go over to. Cut that pause. Plugging my own Mike. Yeah, you brush your own Mike again After being like the people you gotta give the people what they want a game content and that your boy. US Talk Games. Yeah, I, mean I. Mean You know I'll tell you what them? It's their pop and right. Yeah, which was are watch, people die inside. A, great one. Dan, a your explain to us. Why at Reggie is trending? Yeah, we'll happen to Reggie Miller. Poor Reggie Miller, so reggie fees. May the Reggie theus presence of Nintendo US okay replaced by Doug Bowser yes. That's bows. Not a joke. He is apparently now working with game. Stop is on their board, which has got to be the weirdest lateral move to go from a blossoming company that is continuing to innovate space video games. Would Call Nintendo loss Samir. Renaissance switch I would say every time. Nintendo releases a new concept. Changed. The way people play video games. Blossoming Bro. DESCRIBE INTENDO as blossom. Sharply fairplay so Japanese person might. Put some respect. What about Swish though bro? Everyone's ignoring fucking Jackson.

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