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The best you're going to do that's what it is you may want something different but if that's the best you could do so again as a guy who's been around what's your strategy they'll you're right is a guy i've been around you can't ask for quarter when someone only got a dime you can you can beat him and had habit if they only got a dime that's all you'll get adam and here's the problem you have you got all this this talk of though in corporate tax breaks around the state of west virginia neptune of one hundred forty million dollars the the georgy as he inventory tax and all kind of you got money being thrown calmer she got more money be thrown at tourism look i'm a dj school serves whereas stay boy i'm saying we're here priorities here you know you you telling me you don't have the money but all of a sudden you know this this money that the governor found under a rock somewhere is appearing in and we got money to do all these other things no no i think he should prowler tests the worker first then once we get the worker prioritised then i think we you know everything should go downhill from there so so that is the problem you have in these negotiations because the public and the teachers and still serve personnel don't think they're high on the pecking were that that's a big big elite teachers no teacher to smart and they know there's more money requested for conversely mcnair noticed more money unless it withdrew absolutely no there is there is a income that would not be coming in based on the phase out of the ever toward tax but you and i know the of george actions debt that not you guys aren't doing anything with that they they need twothirds vote every democrats going to begin against so that's not going to happen okay now it's a question of do you take some of the additional thirty five million allocated for commerce and some of the sixteen million allocated for tourism equipped were teachers and the answer is yes i gotta go back to priorities i don't want to circle back around here again but there are people in in both sides of this capital and downstairs at wanted throw one hundred forty million dollars in tax so that money's there so these teacher gorillas.

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