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Kind of been working on. We know Pittsburgh the synagogue shooting the president and first lady are expected to visit their today. White House made it clear that the president doesn't need a need to tone down his rhetoric after the president blamed the news media via tweet Monday morning. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, backed them up saying the very first thing that the president. Did was condemned the attacks both in Pittsburgh, and the pipebombs the very first thing the media did was blamed the president and make him responsible. Pentagon announced Monday that they're sending fifty two hundred active duty troops to harden the US Mexico border. The migrant caravan continues to March northward, they say, there's an additional twenty one hundred national guard troops already deployed. Let's see FBI compiled a list of names and addresses found in the possession of suspected male bombers Cesar. The belief is that these were people to whom he was considering sending additional devices. Meanwhile, his attorneys are questioning the fingerprint authorities identified as say ox as well as DNA evidence saying that a complete forensic analysis is required. So there's back and forth. There we know that he is jail without bond. You're seventy national park. They've identified the people who died after falling thirty five hundred feet from Taft point last week. They were travel bloggers married. Couple originally from India but living in the US frequently posting pictures on social media, showing risky poses. The woman anonymously wrote in the past year under Instagram account about the dangers of people trying to take scenic photos from high places with a photo for sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon. She wrote a lot of us, including yours. Truly is a fan of daredevil ry attempts of standing at the edge of cliffs and skyscrapers. But did you know that wind gusts can be fatal is our life worth? Just one photo. Well, they continued on. And that is the result thirty five hundred feet the fall from Taft point rescuers in inflatable boats. Retrieved human remains pieces of aircraft and personal belongings. From the Java sea that all yesterday after a new generation Boeing jet operated by Indonesian budget airline crash minutes after takeoff. It did kill all one hundred eighty nine people on board. We know kiss has set a date for the end. It's there. Well, I guess you'd call it a farewell tour. It's funny. I heard gene Simmons in the four o'clock report this morning. You know, saying there's no better time to go out then on top. I I mean, I guess I'm not a part of kiss army. I don't, you know, hang on every syllable out of gene, Simmons breath. But are they at the top? He thinks so so that's the way they're gonna play it. And if you are one of those people like, I remember, okay, am I going to call anybody out? I've been to concerts by artists that have. A lot in their library. And you pay what honestly seems like a high price to see them in concert. And when you go all they do is play their new stuff. Never really sat. Well with me. I won't kid you I won't kid you. I remember one time up at the old Polaris amphitheater. Watching a particular artists who had a humongous library. Who played nothing, but new stuff, and when the audience clearly was not happy just told them they were idiots, and he was gonna keep playing his own stuff. So you know, again, it's played how you want but kiss kiss says their final tour, and they're not making any more music. So you're not going to have to put up with any of that. And I think that's probably okay. What? What about it? Yeah. Okay. That's fine. Good stuff. Five forty five. News Radio six ten WTVN sports..

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