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You're listening to the rich eisen show under sixteen thanks potential that's derrick ray with the call but belgium's win yesterday making england second in the group that's maybe the best lost in england has ever suffered an england suffered a lot of losses i mean this is why think things are this the world cup folks we're talking about obviously and it's an off day we've had we've had multiple games every day for the last nine days right okay so this is an off day and the knockout round begins tomorrow what a double dip cannot way on the big fox france and argentina ten am eastern time and after that is uruguay in portugal rinaldo will get out there and that's on one side of the bracket with belgium now is on that side of the bracket because of the win brazil takes on mexico so with the win with the win belgium now is on the side with portugal uruguay brazil argentina france as opposed to england being on the other side of the bracket now with the following spain and russia croatia and denmark that's the double header on sunday and that's your weekend of world cup soccer tuesday's when sweden's play switzerland england now plays columbia wouldn't you want to be in the mix with spain russia croatia denmark sweden switzerland and columbia as opposed to brazil argentina france portugal uruguay mexico i mean we're looking at us spain england and final four minutes it's entirely possible so england you know i said coming into this world cup i if just to make the american sports analogy there that the jets of the world cup where they've won once along yeah right and they've been wait never since just heartbreak one after another after another and now could they be the wait for the washington capitals the cubs eagles right name any team it's been waiting forever and suddenly everything's breaking right from even even england's loss was a good loss for that because they're england columbia sweden and switzerland they should they should be able to come out of that i mean again that's the problem of saying that about england that's a problem saying about england in the world cup harry kane has looked unbelievable other than that top half of the bracket uruguay portugal france argentina that's i know and then the bottom part of that side of the bracket monday we come on the air monday this is entirely possible to come on the air monday brazil and mexico start earlier match at ten am eastern time we come on the air noon okay we will come on the air in the final throes of brazil mexico and this is now at the knockout round if it's tied there's a half hour of play yeah so the first hour of our show on monday could be does my adopted team gets through while we're chewing on potentially lebron james sonning lakers because we just heard from chris hanes and brian windhorst in last segment and i our they think lebron's going to move pretty quick yeah windhorst said what july fourth at the latest and then after that matches over an hour number three is when belgium kicks off with mike del tufo adopted squad of japan so we're going to be sweating it out on monday show i can already be out should mexico you could i think you're already gonna be out policy ooh and if somehow some way mike are adopted teams advance and let's just for you know what's in giggles say they argentina does not get pass france this would be for the the the whole shooting match because japan would play mexico now there's so much of soccer to be played before then now you're complaining pre show now that you're fully rested and back to being yourself i no no you were complaining heartbreaking tiebreaker no no no it's not that all three of our teams get knocked out in the round of sixteen we've got to go to tiebreakers correct which is clearly not headtohead it's got to be total goals scored right well what is the first world cup is a goal differential i believe it should be fair play definitely not fair play my ads yes sir i like that idea the first world cup tiebreak whatever that is at the first world cup tiebreak is points which is obviously not going to be the case and after points does goal difference resulting from the matches goals scored goal the franchise no bueno coke three nothing fair play is the.

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