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More closely to what James Capers explanation was. Well, if we go back, OK now, now it makes more sense. If we go back. The initial call in the floor was an offensive foul. On Tucker, and he was the one ejected. There's still not a bonus, were able to get Chandler out of the game now on the floor for the Rockets, Covington Green Rivers in for his second run of the evening. Pardon and Daniel House. Meanwhile, for the thunder now, Chris Paul Steven Adams Shake Gildas Alexander, Danilo Gallinari and Lou Dork reenters after being sent to the bench after missing his eighth three point attempt earlier in the period. I don't mean to Certain not make light of this almost another restart. It seems like we haven't played basketball in five minutes. Here we go. We got to start up again in the halfcourt of the Noor. Right swing swing into the right corner. Covington, shot from three steps left shoots for three. No good. He got past gallery for a clean look. Couldn't connect. Adam's clears it leading rebounder the game. He has 12 to go along with points the ball out of bounds. Another Oklahoma City, turn over here in the quarter shade guilty Alexander that was just to kill. Over the top pass. Steven Adams is big, but he's not that big couldn't get hard for three straight away. Deep three town for hard Coming. T. R. Green was waiting for him to drive by the screen Hardened, pulled up Senate through his fourth triple The game. 27 for hard 20 point lead again for Houston fall on extended over his left shoulder toward the rim. Adam's trying to get open heart in front of him and then a whistle reaching foul called by Are called on at the 64. Mark had nothing to do right there, just looking at him. Other players. We're essentially standing around just to keep his hands up in the air. He's a good defender. Center throws it in the ball catches deep left wing on the shot clock dribbles under the gold corner right past of the three on the pump, Fake crossover Dribble clients house in the stores. Point blank range off the glass. Excellent decision by blue Door. They're open in the corner for a reason. They want you to shoot. It declined and drove in hard with a wild three trying to go draw contact. A 40 ft. Attempted hit the top of the backboard. All the other end. Can't make him pay. Adams there rebounded and score on second chance 13 boards for Steven Adams and we've got double figure. Another double figures score. OK, he's averaging a double double in his Siri's Steven Adams. The door just below the left elbow shoots and misses the fate of draws The foul air of free throws harder than blue doors hangs. His head rookie has done so well on the three times story champion this Siri's, but it has been a struggle for the Canadian here this evening. They complain to James Capers, who made the call. I don't know what Cape said back, but Whatever he did wrong, whether bumper with his body or reaching kind of blocked right back Atem fourth foul on door and Hardin, who had five free throw attempts in Game four. His shooting attempts five and six Now here in Game 556 line, 29 points game high for James Harder than 70 to 54 Houston rolling here, 5 17 to go in the third stall around Double high screen. Stop shoot mid range. Good run up the file on extended Nine. Excuse me. Check that 11 for Chris Paul into double figures. The third such horrible one of them has been ejected. That's true, trailed by 15 came back and won a game in this series. But it's a tall order tonight because Houston's got it going on the offensive end hard and it looks like his usual self is he blows by to write down the left slot for a layup. 74 56 CP three Taste Covington to the left side over, throws a long pass right by Crossover drives dishes. The Adam's left the rim muscles up a shot storeys decision again. By Lou Dork Drive The ball laid it off. It was only about a foot away from Steven Adams. But nonetheless, he got the assist. Almost had his pockets picked by Paul Circles around resets the hard enough top screens for Hardin Harding on the roll. The house spins throws corner, right rivers for three. Good Austin Rivers was all for his last five from three. But buries it here in one of his old man, Doc Rivers, Doc, sitting right are left but below us. Of course, he's in the major bubble. 77 58 passed through the paint kicks. It will stay here with thunder of the left. Basically, the rookie comes in for Danilo Gallinari sits down five from the field. One point a technical free throws it for about three turnovers to go with that. CP three banks it up front court right, all kinds of space given by coming steps into a three Z approaches, the strike that rattled in and out That ball was literally three quarters off the way down and vibrated out of the cylinder popped out hard and over the rivers left hand dribble. Foul line gives to Green Wing Light Three. Good, good good. Jeff Greene and the Houston Rockets leading 8 58 largest lead of the game for used to struggle missed his first four that would touch a thing. Childress, Alexander left Side three Can answer Leaping rebound by Chris Paul dribbles himself into a little pickle here, quarter left gets around. Covington lost the handle. Tip. They're taking away. Covington's got it hardens down. They're shorthanded to the other end, Rivers will wait a little bit here left extended crossover dribble drives on basic rim left the scoop shot short. I'll bring it up himself was around hard into the paint Dumpster. The doors block right up strong, blocked by two, including hard saved by Paul. He's grabbed on the arm, trying to pass it by heart and to his left Dorrit again. He's reacted the way I think he should have might have wanted to do it a little earlier, no longer settle in for the outside shot. He's taken it in At that time. He took it right between two rockets. Literally. You have to give each of them a half a block. Two minutes 50 seconds left in the third. Steven Adams has cast his sub four here. Rockets 80 158. Game five. Siri's, even in a two piece 12 points and 14 boards for the big To shave guilders. Alexander Top of the act against Gordon, Dribble alive throws to the starting door in the paint can shoot. Missed. It may have gotten a tip right there. The restricted Jeff Greene did a good job. I don't think it was a blocked but clearly got his hand on the shot Westbrook back in. This is Gordon, who dumps the corner right now Steps uphill. Picks up the right hand dribble launches for three. No good hustle to get the rebound to 24 left in the quarter. CP three Down the right slot freezes stepped back on green. Did Chris Paul with 13. We're at that point in the game, Sean, where CP three's decided I need to take over offensively. Gordon's into the paint with the left hand dribble ball comes to help forces it out of his hand. Swing swing degree of the top fires for three will go crazy with the rebound under two minutes left in the period. Switch over to the right hand Diagonal down the lane. Euro step missed. Lay in rebounds Is this who throws it out the door back it up to build this Alexander from the right front court drives contact shoots Mr 15 Footer at the free throw line goes this Alexander jizz struggling to put the ball in the basket 80 to 60 rockets 1 35 to go in the period. Green throws wing life for Westbrook picks it up shoots for too long, too good off one bounce. Russell Westbrook in his first game. One of the Siri's.

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