President Trump, Lindsay Graham, NBS discussed on NBC Meet the Press


And of course, we've all seen him on Twitter. This guy is getting on my nerves. The president over time has increasingly yielded to his visceral impulses. And I think Matt Whitaker reflects that. All right. I've got to ask quickly NBS. Do you think the United States government under President Trump will sanction NBS? No echo. So how does this get resolved? That is Lindsay Graham not going to carry water for Saudi Arabia. That was crystal clear, as you know, I love the abrupt answer gave me about NBS brother would never work with him again. So then what where does this go? Well, the question is that the question because the thing is our reporting is that a source familiar with the matter tells us that the has made the determination right that he has his behind it, of course. And so the president is doing this dance. He's got his son in law who is obviously close with them be as Mike Pompeo put out that statement yesterday that basically contradicted his former deputy, but knocking kind of straw man by saying the conclusion is not final. Well, of course. Right. But, but so this administration has had a history the past of when controversial things come up, they sort of backburner back burner backburner, and I wonder if that is something that may end up happening here. That's what it feels like. All right, guys. We're gonna pause here. When we come back, Ohio looks more and more Republican can the Democrats even win the state in a presidential. Action while share Brown thinks he can win the state because he just wanting. But is he running for president the democratic Senator from Ohio joins me now? Brought to you by IBM, smart technology, only matters when you put it to work where it matters. Let's put smart to work..

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