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Know what? I just figured out your style really worked like Gregory Peck. Gregory Peck. Snotty comedian will just a minute, please. I have been a successful comedian half of my life. How come we got this? Did you come in here to be entertained or not? That's right. What's right? We came in here to be entertained. And we're not. I'd like to see you. Come down here. Be funny. You first. The new Siri's Muppets Now isn't nearly that funny. The joke's on his crisp, the individual TV show sketches go on much too long. And there are no musical segments, which you're sorely missed. Trying to recapture the old Muppet Magic isn't easy. The first Muppet movie managed to pull it off. But that was when the original Muppet show was still in production. And when Jim Henson and Frank Oz we're still the heart and soul of the operation At ABC failed with more recent revival attempts in 1996 and again in 2015. And Muppets now also is a very mixed bag. It's celebrity guests aren't given enough to do though they try Linda Cardellini is a good sport without any good lines. And the best sketch in these early episodes presents the Swedish chef as a sort of iron chef doing battle with guest star Danny Trejo, who takes the battle part a bit too seriously. Today we will be pairing moly, taco, traditional Latin meal. Very, very delicious. Probably better than anything in sweet side. In the episode in which Joe the legal weasel make Scooter preview the show to a focus group before uploading it in this case, that's actually not such a bad idea. Especially since that focus group turns out to be a pair of very familiar and very opinionated. Muppet characters. Enjoy the audience survey any worse than that guy. Oh, no. Our thoughts Exactly. Wait. We do to deserve this. Don't worry. We won't tell you. I can't look at my own criticism is short.

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