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Choke his son krone gracie's is in krona ron i always fucked up it's chronic i i've heard both right because they say ice cream chrome joke but it's croon marafe tron but he's but he's awesome he's a phenomenal jiu jitsu competitor well and then it may also do you pine for those days everyone it was legit style verse style do i want now do you miss the days when it was styled or style yeah but it's it's it's i mean it was exciting in new and you it's like that's my amaze ast how would you have anything to see if i have you ever seen insen annoy vers eager of champion yes that fight is i would give anything to see a fight like that again you don't you're never going to see a fight like that again mayweather mcgregor yeah at the time it was super exciting fucking kills i think about now that i'm a little older and it's like he's thinking about the juice and the knee kicks to the head and the dow stomps there so lucky someone didn't die in the ring oh no you you can't can't stop it on heads and shit i know there's one thing that you get punched it to the bell mention a stomping through bell jumps up like fucking bolo from know bruce levers fucking bob wall looking enter the jernigan would he jumps up and he comes down with his feet on a fucking guys throat or something he's got that constipated face on like.

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