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The summit he pulled the president they went off to the side and kim jong hoon was heard to say that the scene was so surreal that many people might think it was a scene out of a sci fi movie the the president said that over the course of their summit which lasted shy just shy of five hours maybe four hours plus that he developed a very special bond with the leader of north korea that the meeting went better than anyone could have expected and the president said that people will be very proud of what took place today says that the korean peninsula is gonna wind up being a much different situation to add to everything that pam falk has been describing about what is in and not in this document there's also a commitment to essentially renew the relationship between the us north korea there's no promise that the us will normalize relations or that they'll be for example us embassy in john yang or a north korean embassy in washington but there's a commitment in this to begin to develop a new relationship it happens that the north and south have been having their own meetings discussing the possibility of an end to the korean war after all these years putting it on paper there are so many unanswered questions perhaps president trump will be able to address some of them but for example how will the north korean commitment be verified how will the north koreans have faith that when the us makes a commitment of security guarantees how will that manifest last week secretary of state mike pompeo told reporters at the white house that he might approach congress with something that congress would actually vote on that would become either american policy in law or perhaps even a treaty that would require a twothirds vote in the senate to ratify so there's so many things that we don't have a firm and really hard and fast here but we do have this morning what history will record this twelfth day of june here in singapore is a commitment on the part of north korea and its dictator kim jong un to really start this denuclearization process and as he put it the world will see a major change.

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