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I'm Leon Spencer, founder of body BodyShop performance limited bestselling author, Ted speaker, and your host. This is the remove the guesswork podcast, the show, our interview. Influential people in the health fitness and wellbeing space to bring you the latest ideas on how to optimize your mind, body and wellbeing. Welcome to the music podcast. I'm your host leeann spent. So I guess this week is round monks. I'm hoping not pronounce Janine correctly that. Loud is a marathon and ultra marathon runner. He's also the founder and director of sales training coaching consultancy company in London could phlegm training. Is it the to follow two boys as he described himself on Twitter, and he is just on Sunday, quite extraordinary, what we like doing on this show is is bringing in hope you net. Mommy, describe music every everyday person, but an everyday person if you lie he doesn't report, a great expert on anything particular, relating to health fitness and wellbeing, but has done something very, very extrordinary at. I think that's it is the kind of guests. We like to have on here. What he's done is, he's won seven marathons in seven days to raise money for the East Anglia children's hospital. I think you've raised about three thousand pounds when I had a quick, look at the virgin money, giving page, which is phenomenal. So row. Welcome to the show festival. When you holy budgets via good. Good good. So let's start then with a little bit about Krant on you as extrordinary thing that you've achieved civil mouth from seven days at seven different countries. I think is that right? Thus roy. Seven. Yeah. I shouldn't forget that Ben Jonson hone you to Mitch should of difficulty and challenge to the whole thing to just physical. But just a bit of background on you. You know how much money you done in the policy will go into running. Why did you want to do this challenge, and it take it from the okay? So a goat into running kind of because of my dad, I was a strong runner when I was growing up way was remember him coming in hunting screaming, and effing and blinding because he couldn't breathe off the running, and that was just nobody evening. He was very, very strong, but not distance wise. He was a sprinter and I used to go running with him once in a while. And so I kind of grew up with it was always kind of naturally quite good at is school cross country. But then I completely an athlete forgot about it when I met via and. Do much more physical stuff to protect me, a second veges, to what you meant. I'm caught it yet it's real. Well. Yeah, it does twenty four I was six, my brother, and he said he was going to end marathon with his work, and he wants me from one to Joan quite competitive with my brethren annoys way. And so as him and we had a horrible, but amazing. I matter way, both conical got the bug at that point. And then a couple more. Marathons with him Muhdad. She random stores around the site and saw him as well with American side of things, you have done it before, which I Harris. Okay. Which actually was one of the ones, I redid this time all bear, I say, redid I was in Paris lost in Paris. I wasn't running natural route as mentally running in Paris. But I was definitely that saw the tower. Stephanie, yeah. Yeah, that was my first one London. Now, London later at shouted out of New York. But then I had kids when we're up twenty seven hundred twenty seven twenty eight. And again, I just backed away running for a long time and to. Them about me doing another marathon, desperate to just it and the complaint you kind of went off the boat with running. But one day she said to me, she said rally keeping moaning about wanting another marathon yet haven't even gone out for running four and a half years. Just go after natural raw data, again, then and done coffee mouths. And since I then moved on throat from our thins when my brother started beats me, Americans on, and we're gonna go that false while other. Me and my brothers. Exceptionally strong, marathons and ally. Then had of a horrible time where when my friends post the way out. So, you know, I wasn't there in the past wanted to bay and he post way from was the kind of got him, but cancer, in, because I wasn't Nah, I felt so horrible either of these some things Trump say, sorry, soy raise money by doing three hours in a month in hall, or something like that. So I didn't Brighton. I did. Remember other while the London out show, which one mile says to run. And then I said, I'm going to bet in my village to raise money for them and the became Raksha thing, so every year that ran will move it hosts, Whitson which loan from and go say involved, and they ran their own distances or the two miles, I think from the first one and kind of repeat that each year and then Bain variants of the running, and then I've met an amazing amazing people of Jere, which a ran from London to Birmingham on the way up through the national running show, which was Lewis lost year, just so happens. I know the owner founder monks even who's very, very good friends, and he invites me alone vows running with some of the motivational speakers from the running shows those nine of us, I always, always remember meeting the move for the first time, and with sadness we've sat in his room in London, and except by let's. Introduce each other because we're going to spend a week together running from London's Bryson, so we might as well get snow each other. So he introduced himself going. Mike cannot founder of the national running show up on a few triathlons ultras and stuff. Next

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