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I have the privilege of speaking here with dr liana study she was in an abusive relationship in her teen years resulting in a pregnancy she was living in a hugely conservative mennonite community and culture she was walking away from her faith in god her story continues as she joins me here so now walking away from your identity as midnight and as a believer you're having to rebuild brick by brick an identity of your own on your own terms or at least attempt to what form did that tape right i have to say that i was i felt unmerciful shame even though the congregation after we confess the congregation for gave us we were not shunned in any form away i knew that i would look down upon and i knew that i had brought shame to my family and to my community and i was devastated and so i became quite depressed and my husband and i then we had to get married and we moved to another little town fairly close and i really tried to avoid my community you married the person who had once threatened your life who had consistently threatened my life yes every day then a day of fear for you fear for your safety and the safety of your child please tell me the story has a happy ending i mean can you tell me about your liberation route you know yeah i mean obviously i did get liberated.

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