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So I think I had to think about that for a while when you had you had studied that question. I'm like, hey, I did this happen really what happened was the first thing that I wrote that probably will not see the light of day was very heavy and very serious and pig Emotionally draining to write and I realized afterwards I'm like, I need to write something fun and lighthearted that is going to make me laugh that it's going to make people laugh. And so that's how they came about and I've been to Bozeman many times. I've been going up there with my family and on my own since the early nineties late eighties, and I'm like, I think I can write about this well enough to know the town and also from this point of view of saying these are some things that can happen along the way that could be really fun and educational and enlightening to this character. So like a lot of wage authors you wanted a book that resonated with you which would then resonate with others. But also if it wasn't out there then you might as well be the one to write it down, right and I knew my writing it in Diary form, which it is in it would be a little different but I I also had that concern of this cannot be Bridget Jones diary and it's not so that wage. Now is definitely a consideration of saying this needs to be different Kendall. Whitney's journey is different than British journey in many ways. And so I had that in mind as well, but mostly it was about tell fun and light-hearted story that moved along with relatable characters. People are like, oh yeah, that's probably happened to me that was embarrassing that again type of thing in this is traditionally published or you published it yourself. I did self publish this one. Did you consider trying to traditional publish or did you always want to publish it yourself? I always wanted to self publish this one..

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