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Up towards northern Alabama, northern Georgia. That's an area to be careful about not all the time on occasion. One of the stronger Cold Front's coming down there, But in the meat, I think they can have the time to clean up and actually, reluctantly that after this season Oh, that's good. And Paul from everything you've said It seems to me that No matter where you are in America, and no matter what your plans are for either buying a house, selling a house or repairing your house, perhaps It's a good idea to keep your eyes on the skies this winter. Yes, you know, it's the northern half of the nation concerns. It's the southern parts that are a little bit easier. But again, be careful. I mean, the these things can creep up on you. You'll get some periods in the east, where you can get a break and enjoy the weather a little bit. But then one of those big nor'easters can come up upon you. Power outages. You're down for a couple days and a lot of cleanup efforts. So again, be cautious. Be careful and stay tuned. Abso lutely. Well, Paul, I really appreciate you joining us on the show today in giving us Look ahead at the winter weather of 2020 and 2021. Thank you. Thank you. Very welcome. Paul passed Alak, senior meteorologist and chief of the Long range Forecasting department at AC You weather coming up on real estate today why the nation's renters? Might be in trouble. I think it's very clear what the consequences will be if Congress does not provide an extended eviction, moratorium and substantial rental assistance, and that is a tsunami of evictions. That's next on our special show the winter mark. I got an iPhone iPad or apple Home pod. You can listen to real estate today. Any time at all. Just say Hey, Siri, play the real estate today podcast..

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