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Joining us we're going three deep once again this week and no your eyes are not deceiving you that is in fact luke thomas i do believe for the first time in two thousand eighteen he is joining us in studio this is true been a while it has been awhile back you asked me are you still on the show i'm still on the show but i had some stuff take care of it home plus them back right yes it to have you and of course he is from siriusxm dot com that is a man who needs no introduction the man in the jeff waggin heim of espn old reliable himself thank you very much for being here guys okay we have much discuss as always never a dull moment in mma but i want to throw a curveball your way we're expecting me to ask you this right off the top here's the big question of the week did you watch the premiere of the ultimate fighter last night but did not devi okay are you planning on watching it no no i'm not opposed to one yard out of habit dvr on on not to get into the details but too much but i'd youtube tv which has unlimited dvr dvr anything that it's archived if i go back and get it for whatever reason by the way does it save it on your computer on your tv in the cloud in the cloud so you can just as much as you want so i did dvr it and i'm not again i'm not opposed to going back to it look i know yesterday was twentyseventh season and i didn't i was talking about this with some friends yesterday it's very easy every time the ultimate fighter comes out to take to say bad things about it which you what you can but i have a lot of nice things to say about builds fighter i really do think it's been incredibly important as window and so the mixed martial arts world for the average person it's been valuable in helping to launch the brand it's been valuable and keeping the brand on tv but you know we do this song dance every season it's just so totally we are numb to this point because.

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