Commissioner, Richard Vojkan, President Trump discussed on WGN Radio Theatre with Carl Amari and Lisa Wolf


The wicket i can't yet yeah but i mean you're getting text from the township you know that the county the state the feds i mean it it doesn't end hey though i'm just saying you know what neck for us and can we get her out well as a as an air madison yeah is now in many get saturday practical in the next election so iif know somebody with nobody i thought for sure the commissioner richard vojkan was uh was going to get in that race and he announced the earlier this week or last week that he was going to take a passengers run for reelection and i'm glad he's on the board i think he would have given the president prick we go a great run what am i mean when care backgrounds do people have in the cook county board i don't know what i mean i don't even think about that much as this kind of people on the ballot mechanic did the best i can as far as voting for them but i believe hang attention when they vote for the cook county board i think that's part of the the biggest issue here's that so many of those commissioners have been under the radar for so many years uh you know there's a lot of folks who who don't pay attention to that it's interesting well they're paying attention will keep their pay attention now and let's say as i said before keep that attention sustained find out who is making choices for you because if they don't hear from you they'll act without you a secret break here at more to this at seven twenty wgn you've seen how recent hurricanes have devastated whole come unity's flooding in destroying homes two for humanity as we work with families to repair and rebuilt you can help someone desperately in need of a place to call home.

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