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Wisconsin's radio station news Radio WTMJ Milwaukee. At 12 02. It is 79 degrees. Mostly cloudy skies with thunderstorm warning is in effect for Milwaukee, Walkinshaw and Jefferson counties. It will remain in effect until 12 45 this afternoon. A thunderstorm warning for Walworth County. That's also in effect until 12 30. High winds and some hail is expected from the WTMJ breaking news Center on Mike Spalding again at WTMJ Fleet. Farm Storm Team Alert Milwaukee Walkinshaw Jefferson County is under a severe thunderstorm warning until 12 45 Walworth County until 12 30. Ozaki in Washington County is also under a warning until 12 15 storms in for meteorologist, Brian is Nancy Small Hill reports in southeastern Wisconsin winds up to 40 MPH. We will look for that potentially kind of ramp up What's happening is these storms are becoming a little more. What's called surface based Basically, the the origins of the storm is closer to the surface, which allows you know some of that jet energy, some of the higher winds that have been up in the clouds to work their way down to the surface. Large hail is reported in northern Wisconsin alpaca this morning before five day forecast coming up in just a couple of moments. Breaking news from Milwaukee City Hall TMJ four Sean Gallagher reporting that Milwaukee older moment in U. S Senate candidate Shantia Lewis is facing five criminal charges for alleged embezzlement and misusing campaign finances totaling more than $21,000, The older woman releasing a statement this morning, saying she is quote innocent of all charges. The investigation continues into the deadly stabbing of a six year old boy in West Allis on Monday. Police say they got a 911 calls about a child with a possible knife wound to the stomach at a home near 73rd and Orchard. The boy later died at the hospital. Police not saying how would happen.

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