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Years before in twenty fifteen our Adams picks up that story from the Ted stage. we give you a sense of the time scale at work here. one point three billion years ago or is it just managed to involve multicellular life. since then earth is made and of all. rolls fish plants dinosaurs people and even the internet. about twenty five years ago. lily audacious set of people decided that it would be really neat to build a giant laser detector with which to search for the gravitational waves from things like colliding black holes. the most people thought they were not. but enough people realized that they were brilliant knots that the US National Science Foundation decided to fund their crazy idea so. after decades of development. structure and imagination and breathtaking amount of hard work they build their detector called ligo the laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory. in early September of twenty fifteen. Michael turned on for a final test run while they sorted out a few lingering details. and on September fourteenth. of two thousand fifteen. just days after the detector.

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