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I was gonna say, I woke up. Oh, do you have something to say? I saw Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden and jet blue, please continue. I woke up crying one. To this. This will sound silly, but I saw like we'll get us back on onto the topic of religion a little bit. But I saw like a heavenly image of my grandma and I woke up crying and then and then look, I don't think anything happened with it, but I remember my first it was my first year. I was living in the oakwood apartments and I had a, I know you live there. I lived there for the summer semester for ethica. Cool. And there was a kid who was like my roommate, I woke up crying, are you? Okay? And I was I like my grandma's like angel, and then I remembered her phone number from from when I was a boy, I had never remembered it. So I mean, like that's obviously spray I call, I call it a call because it'd be still. Or maybe a hotline. That'd be terrifying. How into heaven is not a bad title, hotline. The heaven is. TV show. Right. I I was. I was kind of freaked out by call my mom and I was like grandma's number this. And she said, yeah, I was like, oh, I had I had. I didn't remember it because she had died. You know, like to almost ten, probably ten years, ten years prior. Yeah, it was close to her number enough to know where number, but I was a little. I was a little kid. She gave you the digits. Very cool. It was a big day. I was bragging around the house when I got grandma's digest. Did you can ask because you mentioned a another another relative of yours. You mentioned briefly in the before you get, you got to anti Pat. Did you see you have an aunt and passed. Let's not relitigate this on. D. Pat is still alive, right? She's not family, she's, but she's not blood related, right? She's a family friend who I call auntie, Pat. Yeah, this is a big Boston, lots godfathers and stuff. I got my godfather godmother family, which they're, they're like family to write, auntie pats families, right? They're still close to a lot of times. We godmothers and godfathers like five years later speaking or something does my, my sister had my dad's brother who died of a drug overdose and was like, kind of he kind of messed. It was a mess up my my uncle and then and then my mom's sister who doesn't. We haven't talked to her forever. So I got like the great, I got, I got great godparents and then my my on an has passed away, but she went to church all like. We're, we're Catholic, but she went to. Multiple times a week whenever she could go to church how she was always like with Kathy, you're talking about Catholic, right? Yeah, it's open all the time is that it's like a Denny's or whatever. It's I feel like there's there's masses on certain days of the week, and there's like a Tuesday mass seat on TV shows like people, strolling in the church. Kneeling down, right? Yeah. Yeah. Like, hey, come on any. We'll take all comers. Anytime you want to come in and educate. I think you can't just walk in if if you'd like. Yeah, I feel like that's like a common trope is like the dramatic like kind of the guy who's angry at God going into church like late at night, and then cool.

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