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Mistake that creeped up that kind of soured a very good performance, but when you have a 20 7 man squad that was called in and you think that John Brooks playing weekend and week out in the Bundesliga isn't good enough to be in that squad. It scratches the head. I think you're also looking at a situation with just sergeant as well. That he's playing weekend and week out in the Premier League. And somehow he can't be into that squad. And I think the other question with the injury to sergino dest that a lot of fans were questioning is how does Joe scally not get the opportunity to come in when George Bello does? You know, George makes his move to Bela feld and for the most part has been a sub where Joe scallion has been starting week in and week out for glovebox. So yeah, Greg has left some questions there. But in the end, as a manager at any club you're at in national team as well, you're judged on results and if Greg gets the U.S. national team qualified to the World Cup, doesn't really matter who he called in. What we've seen tonight case, he has a revolving door of our ESPN FC guests on that balcony tonight in Madrid. And we see that you two are in Madrid. We're all talking about our classical, but a big game this weekend. You are there for IO against athletic you are back at your old stomping ground of Vallejo. You must be looking forward to this. It's been a while. It's been a while. I am very much so. I mean, it'll be fun to be back at a study of I guess it's been the first time I've been there since I played. And it'll be interesting. You've got two clubs in completely different form. I mean, the tremendous start to the season from ryo has absolutely dissipated. That draw against Sevilla at the weekend, hopefully we'll build some confidence knowing that they'd gone 6 matches in the league without picking up points. And Atlético after what has to be said a poor start to their campaign this year and now I've got the form turning in the right direction. So it'll be very interesting to see and then coming off the heels of that what you would call just a classic Athletico performance against Manchester United in Champions League defending as you expected Diego Simeone's side to defend. And it'll be interesting to see against a rhino side that they're not a team that's going to park the bus against regardless of who they play. They're going to try to press in midfield when the ball counter score goals. So I hope ryo can turn the form around and really upset tomorrow. Do you know what's going to be even more interesting? And by the way, Casey's on the call with rob Palmer for that one is that all season long we've been watching Marty Einstein's.

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