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Georgian. Capi doing well. I must say teenage japan camping. Big george george hincapie ted from from new york. Well we've got a celebrity on missed bounce back folks out to me and made me be lines says knocked me down nothing on me off. It's always makes. God where was that Dc washington dc crit. I know that was marty nothstein. Oh the world class sprinter back. I don't know. I really can't unsee his t shirt and you're just sitting there leaning on your bike eating an ice cream sandwich did you. I wasn't very healthy back in those talking shit to each other. That cycling needs a bit more Smacktalk pelton how. When did you start eating right. Not tell you became a pro. Probably steep whatever may nineteen eighty eight. Wow i had that good look going on though. That's pretty good. Jeez let's do this. do i look deserve. Let's do a an update on the On the we do segment leaderboard brought to you by outside. Plus joe patterson still leading and ben right still leading. But here's the thing. We've only got five more more days to to to wrap this up. So that's that's all the time you folks get In the men's u twenty three division bunch of competitors. The last few days competitions getting tied. I guess they're all bunched up. Here's the thing. And i just want to remind everybody it's in the u. Twenty three division. It's five grand to win three for second and a grand for third and we're not seeing the u. twenty three women now my grayson Isabela nine teen might send them out there and tell them to go. Because that's that's real dough But we're not seeing a ton of you twenty three women so calling all you twenty. Three women get over there to provide get you some money so spending money definitely were. Let's clear this one is the actual last time. They could ride it saturday. So sarah yet to announce that sunday on the on the final day of the tour we will announce all the winners so and again brought to you by outside plus in the leaderboard by the feed. Thanks to them for support in this effort but you twenty-three get out there what's up. I'm sure this money is strong. Ladies and he'd go out money greenville's an hour and a half away. Now who is the strongest because these people right the reason we went there is 'cause you got your people from that part of the world to vote. Who is the strongest. You twenty three. I don't put on the spot but you best make some calls. Yeah i will. I got a couple of mind percentage but i'll i'll make them call. You can negotiate whatever you want on your side hustle. I don't care any questions I to comment on youtube from jennifer says. Please make a t shirt that says. Do your life a funny story in my husband and i say it all the time now. Love your show. I agree 'cause you 'cause the do could be the d you with them with the you know the bar do your life. And she's here in town aspect georgia's wise georgia's. What was the context of that. She was trying to argue with me. And i was. I just wasn't having it and she was just learning english and she was trying to say you've i don't know what she was trying to say know but she just she got really frustrated and she goes she just blurts out. Do your life was like wow. That was a low blow all right. Here's another one. I was left with a question yesterday after talked about how some sponsors would face rest day and the last few days very worried and even angry could lance and george explain how that actually works in a teams day-to-day dynamic. How does the sponsor express worry during long race. Do the writers feel it or get to know those worries directly. It must be freaking nerve. Wracking to race was such pressure. Also what kind of exposure de sponsors care about those hour. Long lonely getaways. Do they care about that. Or is it stage wins in jerseys in a little side note that Email question came from daniel. Who i met at acl fest. He was performing there with his band. Diamanti electric oh. Wow he saw me in a move shirt and came up said hi. He's he's a fan so more on sponsor the smaller teams to work backwards. The smaller teams definitely care about those long breakaways. Those are we always call them. tv attacks. that's exactly what they are. You're on live. Tv all day long. Great exposure for the sponsor And then on the the the the initial part of the question. I think it it it. It depends on a couple of things if you're if you're team contract is up and you're trying to get them to resign or renew or find a new sponsor. There's the pressure is ten acts right if you've got multiple years with them and you know they're not going anywhere and all you have to put up with their yelling at. You are being disappointed or frustrated or concern than you can deal with that but Just depends on the dynamic but Does it trickle down to the riders. Yes i'm sure. The directors go. Hey i'm getting calls from sponsor. Xyz what the hell let's go guys. Yeah and some of the some of the teams are obviously Sponsored by super wealthy individuals that are really engaged tink off was and he'd be calling not riders calling them out in the press but under pressure. Patrick lefebvre's done that in the past as well but every team's different but all the writers. It's their job. They're all professions. They know what they know how. They need to perform the how they're they're being. They're expected to perform So the pressure mainly is put on them by themselves. What about outside of the race or you guys called to do a lot of schmoozing and no glad-handing sponsors no not really depends on the team. Sometimes i mean obviously. The tour is difficult. Because i did. Riders are so tired but training camps definitely And they're set days during training camps that you have to do the music smooth impresario. okay When if not already this is still win. If not already will their kids be able to beat them on a bicycle. And it's a very timely question because we've been riding with Georgia son. Enzo everyday my prediction is. It's close kid. is you know i think. I think it has a lot to do with me. Being there like these. The kids like to beat up on lance. I'm sure he's going to love the day that he drops his dad. But the chance. To take it. Ron uncle lance like right now is george until he drops you. Yeah he's getting stronger and stronger for some reason. I mean this cranky over here We're always talking about how he doesn't like many people and all that but kids love this man my seven year old. He got here. The only thing is the uncle. Lance what am i gonna glancing every morning. He's running over here to see him so it's kind of funny. Kids have the best meter. They know they call bullshit quicker than anybody should have more kids. Good a basketball team to go for a football team. Here's an interesting comparison in sport which we sometimes do on this show. This is from wim in belgium. He says when footballers go to the world championships their teams get a compensation. Is this also true. For cyclists so of nibley leaves to tour leaves. The tour to prepare for. Tokyo is in tokyo. Nibley will ride for italy not for track to do this. Does trek compensated for his absence. No i don't don't think that's an interesting a good question but i don't think so I let me take. This is funny. Someone said you're gonna. This is going to sound very familiar. But they wrote this.

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