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And like he he's tweet now before the game who faithful who's ready for some football today you can tell he's wants to get out there and and probably lay somebody out in and go out there and play still looks like he's still could but there's a there's this says something's changing around here man in in jed talk so much jet your talk so much about culture change in the culture why do you do that you get quality people in important positions you let the football people make the football decisions put some trust in them no bigger trust than a sixyear deal and then go out there and let them do their thing man and and in that permeates through the rest of the organization but i also think that a lot of this they didn't take the six years by for granite now they didn't go oh we got six years working to lay low their dave taking chances chances emma i'm going to be honest with you anyone would take a chance with the second round pick for jim mcgrath sir i think that would have been had anyone else had that opportunity they would have jumped on right but they're taking chances and there are also set the foundation when when someone blows up on the the silent had that hasn't produced okay your gun or robinson now wait around you're going to complain about not playing third downs navarro navarro bowman fair gun why because you're not pull and not fighting for each other you're fighting for yourself and if you want to build an organization and the right organisation the right way yeah you have to have talent number one but never to you better have the guys have the character to fight for each other not fight for yourself yet the fight for the guy next to you and i feel like they're building a lot of those guys and that's why i feel like he does love carlos side we we saw that you know when he got ojected a good job he got for fighting for segic beth assure of that that moment that stuff that he wants to see because if you're fi e on the football field you're fighting for each other you find for the same thing you find for.

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