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Vitro is in. To it's Christmas in the city the Rockefeller Center. Christmas tree is up. WCBS is Mike smelled says live at rock center. Mike, how's it going there? Well, we are at a very special moment. The seventy five foot Norway spruce fir wallkill has been lifted up from the flatbed truck just as we're talking right now. It is the site to hold it is floating above the thirty rock claws. At the moment is moving toward me. Back up a second as it up in the air on the process that they've gone through as they drove at sixty five miles from walk hill down here. They drove it around the bed and put it right here. Rockefeller plaza. It takes a while. For the first the tree to be prepared for this drive. The sixty five mile drive bed to undo all that preparation to be able to get it up here on the platform. That's right to the left of me right at the moment is floating about let's say eight feet above the ground right now moving towards the platform backup backing up here. It is really a sight to behold at the moment. They're spinning it around clockwise the end of it. The trunk end of it spinning around clockwise onto the platform. This'll take about thirty minutes or so before they drive a stake into the bottom of it. And that stake will go into the platform. And even though the street was cut down eight is still alive. Tree. It takes about ninety gallons of water a day drinks that much and it will be drinking that much for the next few weeks until they put on the white. It really is pretty neat logistical dance that they have to do their to get that seventy two foot tree in place. Yeah. It's it's really a pretty cool experience. You know, there's so many different go through throughout the Christmas. Tree go here as its place and here in terms of Christmas, tree lighting, and then of course, you could eat as it lit this moment this time period, the three hour timeframe for what it's delivered to them. What it's places a pretty cool process to be able to see it. But there's a lot of families out here right now all over the country just trying to get this special experience. Mike's melts. Joining us live from Bronx center as the Rockefeller Center. Christmas tree is going up. They're putting it up and in about a half an hour will be in place. And then the tree lighting ceremony will happen. Not. Quite yet. Though w CBS news time, not eighteen traffic and.

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