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So what did you think of our three guests? I really enjoyed talking with them and learning from them. And I think they have a lot to offer what we're trying to do with our flood management work. So that was really exciting for me. Okay. Did you learn anything particularly new from from any of these speakers? Well, I think we learned about how difficult it is to define what a community is. And I think those of us who work with communities, and particularly and non-government organizations we've gotten into a habit of just saying that community, and there is no such thing as that community. It can be so many different sectors and attributes that those of us who want. To work with the community. I think need to do a little bit more thinking around. How do you even define what a community is? Okay. So I used to work in a previous life as an adaptation practitioner in. I felt like there's very few opportunities when you think about the grants or the project money that you have to really build in the sort of creative. Science communications creative engagement in. How're you doing it? And how to my listeners out there that they would like to do something similar what be some practical ways for them to kind of move on these things. Well, I think in terms of doing more, I think we are doing it. And I think we're trying to be creative. And and the guest we had today are examples of that. And we're doing it. And I like this like this podcast, and you or working with educators and on how to use podcast in a classroom, for example. And so there are resources and experts out there and creative people out there to call upon and sometimes. It's just a matter of taking advantage of opportunities. Unforeseen opportunities that present themselves. So for example, I learned about Liz Miller in the work that she's doing with the shoreline project through a person I happen to meet at at a conference and Catherine talked about plan international NGO who contacted her to help them with engagement around community climate change at uptake action. And so I think it is happening. I just think that we who often are trained to think in our professional or sectoral boxes need to put more effort into stepping outside of those boxes and looking around at things that may be available to us that could be very helpful is I agree. And I applaud you guys at World Wildlife Fund that you kind of step outside the box in your you've worked with me several times using podcast. I not that. My listeners have in the Scillies podcast. But sometimes I think you kind of bake in your pro-choice, I'm going to do a report instead of the standard things that come with reporting out on these all these really important in centrally cool things but just communicating people to think going to develop position..

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