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A couple of Russian fighter jets found themselves with some American company in the Sky. Correspondent Alex Stone has that story tonight to Russian bombers being escorted by Russian fighter jets were only about 30 miles off the coast of Alaska. It's become somewhat routine in recent months. Russia, making its presence known off Alaska. They never entered U S airspace instead staying right outside in the air Defense identification zone, the US scrambling F 20 twos to intercept the bombers and fighter jets. The Russian jets were there for about an hour and a half before heading back to Russia. Authorities in Los Angeles County are investigating a suspected arson fire that erupted at An official ballot Drop box in Baldwin Park. The fire was discovered around eight last night. Baldwin Parks mayor says more than 200 ballots were in that box voters are now being contacted. And will be sent new ballots wins. News time 7 50 shell We know from the time you get.

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