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So they're always looking my oldest is anyone just sort of looking at it and seeing if he's going to get any kind of money out of it. And I'm like dude, you don't have 30 grand. Just sit it and leave it, you know? Yeah. Yeah. Do your kids own NFTs at? No, sir. Not yet. Would you own NFTs? That felt like they would ask your kids in the back alley buying NFTs. I'm pretty sure they would ask me about it. They asked me about a lot of different things. If they're not quite sure when it comes to trendy stuff in tech, maybe that is me or they go look up something Mike a sergeant said on one of his shows is what it boils down to. But they haven't gotten into NFT, said they knew that I started doing them and just sort of, okay, good luck and when I'm about the business. I mean, it is interesting from the perspective of the kids who are growing up now your kids old enough to be aware, aware that there is a thing called cryptocurrency and that there's something going on there that maybe you can make a lot of money. Maybe you don't or whatever. But that awareness, they're young enough to evolve and grow with technologies. And it seems like they tend to have more than they tend to have more of a grasp on it than most adults are age. That makes fascinating. I don't know if they have an actual grasp or they just understand the social shenanigans. So my daughter, for example, she has her school has a computer. She's ivy's school. So they have an IV computer science program. And those kids actually built their own NFTs and sold them as part of learning about them. And that's cool. I was like, that sounds really fun. Way to get a sense of understanding this. And she's like, oh my God, mom, it was so stupid because all the crypto Bros. Do I even want to be lumped in with that? And I'm like, oh, wow. So there's the biggest eye roll for those guys. Those.

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