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Oh that can. I will lose my mind. I think jack campbell's whole career was screwed by saying the. Hr that long. I think if he ends up when he was actually ready who knows. Maybe he gained. That confidence is a great goalie like and we don't. We don't trade for ben bishop. We don't we don't need to get on. Tm -i whenever lennon starts up struggling jack campbell and we go win cups that way and we have our offense system and all that jack campbell is just the the wall on the back but jim nill sucks at deciding when prospects should start playing in the nhl. He's terrible at it. So please please. Just let off your play in the nhl. He doesn't have to be the starter just to start off with. He can be he can be the backup or the or the or the one b or whatever. Please don't put andre i will. I will cry. I will literally cry on camera. Lots of thoughts From me here maybe good maybe bad. How good so. Jim nill is very different than some other Gm's some gm's you know they get their star people young guy in the hand the reins to them and they say go win. Be free jim. Nill is not like that. But how many. How many times has that happened. For an nhl franchise will. The penguins won the cup that way. Okay but the blues okay but again and again very few. I don't include joining bennington and this group of players but the group of players that i think of of young players that can drop in and just immediately start making impact connor mcdavid. Sidney crosby alexander michigan. That's that's probably where my list ops right there. I don't include nathan mackinnon. I don't include a dry cycle in that conversation In it's just because of how the nhl they love youth it they value youth in the nhl. Nowadays it's been going younger and younger and younger and instead of the prime being you know twenty seven. I think that age has dropped to lake. Twenty four twenty five or a player is in his prime. The thing i don't want to see happen to and is what happened. Carter heart and i've mentioned this before. Carter heart was given the reins to the to the crease without any competition so there is nobody that was going to take his spot. Not even brian elliott. When he was there and he had a good a really good season. Neil good couple of seasons this past season though holy crap. I'd not good whatsoever at all in this story discussion. I mean the flyers missed the playoffs partially on the fact that they could not keep goals out of their own. It i mean there were even gains. That carter hurt wasn't even on the roster. He wasn't even the backup so he couldn't have even played that night even if they wanted him to so in a way. I understand what jim nill is doing. Am i one hundred percent behind what he's doing. No because auden ger has proven himself..

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