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Like the success of those shows on streaming services shows that scene kind of thing of I wanNA, Watch the past generations comfort food but in the ninety S. the film is set up. It's bought by paramount for a large amount of money rights, because it's so high concept. It's one of those shows that replays. Everyone knows the theme song ever knows the nose wiggle. The advertising campaign sets itself up. It's originally supposed to be a Ted best will. Is, it's supposed posted to. An actor who heads vessel mostly done sitcoms. Okay. But it's setup by Penny Marshall's first look deal at paramount with vessel supposed to do it, and she hires a former staff writer and a Monica Johnson from Laverne and Shirley to do it then. Richard Curtis takes a crack at the script. Then Douglas Carter. beane takes. A crack at the script's already I first strike at making a which movie in the early nineties there like This is weirdly difficult. No one can crack this. We're getting increasingly overqualified writers to try to tackle what seems like it should be a Gimme, and no one can find any way to make a fucking movie out of and I. Imagine I imagine at this point. It's not the idea of where they're making bewitched. This point it is a completely conventional bewitched movie. It is normal guy marries. A woman finds out after wedding that she's a witch. That's all they're trying to do. They're trying to take the shortest walk to a bewitched movie Yes then Ted vessel is suddenly of an erotic aneurysm. Okay, so the whole thing is halted. It's done the things. Shut down then penny. Marshall Goes Fuck it. I'm not giving up on that, but which movie premise? It seems like a no point to. She wanted to record this herself, but she'd. Guess it. This movie is two main producer credits penny, Marshall and Nora Ephron. So she carries the movie over to Sony where I think she set up at the time they go through. Hot At that Moment Cameron, Diaz Kristin, Davis Lisa Kudrow Paltrow, Alicia Silverstone Reese weatherspoon. Everyone is sort of talked about it And L L and Simon, who wrote one fine day? Lewis also nanny wrote my girl the Brady. Bunch, movie, all everyone's taking crack at it. No one's getting anywhere. There's a certain point where it morphs into. Jim Carrey is loosely attached to the movie, but the movie without being about the making of which TV show is maybe taking more of a self knowing brady bunch tone, and one of the big conceits of the movie. Is that halfway through the actor playing? Darren is going to change. That was sure one of the things. Sitcom is famous for is replacing the actor Dick York rent literally just he just quit because he was fucking tire right like he was like ill and he was like. was he had a really bad injury I? Think in the war, and then had a bad surgery and became addicted to painkillers after all that's anti was was struggling with both his pain and his drug addiction, and there was like a day where everything came to a head on set, and he said like I. Need to step away. Collapsed on set or something like that, and there's just like it's. It's like the director was just like. Do you want to quit and here's like that's all right with you. Instead of just being like you know what we did five seasons. Let's wrap up there like. fucking, get all right so what else we're going to get a new terror and revenue strong John White Guy Right and it went from Dick York to Dick Sargent. It was like a joke was like both the same first name. They look kind of similar when you're watching and syndication, and they're in out of order. You're always trying to remember which one it is. You're watching, so they were like. Oh, maybe that's a hook of the movie is like you do the Brady Bunch movie style. Thing where you're sort. Sort of playing off the tropes of the Sitcom while existing in the world of the Sitcom, but you have one actress playing Samantha too big comedy stars playing, dare, and you switch them halfway through and for a long time. It was like Jim Carey's on board. They're having a hard time. Finding another equally famous actor who's willing to only be in half the movie and Jim Carey was bandied about because apparently Dick. York was one of his big inspirations and they look really similar, so you wanted to do it. But then in the mid two thousand and early two thousands. This is like the same position that Green Hornet was in where someone's just going like. We've been sitting on this property for fucking twenty. We have to make some fit. That's what happens. If we don't make up a witch movie. I'm going to blow up this studio. Too many meetings about them, which I did not exactly things have gone too far. The next picked in the door gets an automatic. That's really what it was, so amy Pascal Calls Up, Nora Ephron who she's close with as worked with before and says like Nora. I need someone to rescue bewitch anything. Anything and I thought right right and truly I think she just says look I wouldn't be interested in making a movie about that. TV show. Is there anything to making a movie about someone trying to make the TV show? And she goes. Yes, absolutely here you go. Green was just sort of like full speed ahead. What, if a novelist or TV, writer wrote about how hard it is to write a novel or or fill well? Thought of that well I. Get it because I get pitch seem appealing, because like you say who which is famous for switching actors anyway right. So you can sort of do a jokey, and like what things are getting report. We got Scooby Doo movies right. I can see why they're like. Yeah, perfect. That's a funny angle on a old fashioned thing. There's one more wrinkle here in the development process which ties the whole room together. It's that. Nicole Kidman already loosely been in talks for the nebulous. We don't have a script. She would be a good star for bewitched. Then she wins the Oscar. And everyone's like fuck. She looks a lot like Elizabeth Montgomery now. She's a big movie star. We assume she's going to become a big mainstream comedy star, so we have to lock this shit down right from the hours. Her performance in the hours was so science fittingly funny, right? We need to lock the shit down. Though because yes, obviously, she made us. Yuck with the hours and people are going to want to keep that train rolling, so they signed Nicole Kidman to a seventeen point, five million dollar, pay or play contract Nicole Kidman will get seventeen point five million dollars. Even at the movie doesn't kept me. That's what that means. Get it Nicole But so that's one any pascal reaches out to Ephron and is like anything. We have Nicole Kidman. There's a ticking clock I've been I've seen too many versions of this movie. It has to be this, so then they go back to Jim Carey and they go, Jim. We've got Nora Ephron on board. We got a real filmmaker on board and the on onboard. Are you down to do it? He's less into doing the one that isn't Meta in the way that he thought he was gonNA do. And so he leaves it for fun in Dick. which fun with Dick and Jane and that's when they're like. We need to slot in who who is like the new Jim. Carrey like who else is just in that zone of like funny man. Let's not even think of what their persona is. Who is just an Alice Comedy Star? Because this role kind of makes more sense which carry well..

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