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Few special <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> guests onto the <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> set his cardio <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> bypass surgical <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> team <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> and Bobby. Potty <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> put on a racing <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> clinic at the Rock <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> in the Joe Gibbs <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> Racing Pontiac <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> claiming his first <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> of four wins <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> on the way to <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> the two <SpeakerChange> thousand <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> cup championship <Music> <Advertisement> <Music> <Advertisement> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Male> able to coastal <Speech_Music_Male> from now. Is Bobby the <Speech_Music_Male> body Texas in the car <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> I'll turn over to <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> the back straightaway? <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Still following scatter <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> earnhardt closes <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> in finally gets <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> RID OF JERRY. Naidoo <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> the sand now beginning <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> a trick a lot of the hourglass <Speech_Music_Male> time running <Speech_Music_Male> out Verona Hartland body <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> through three for the <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> final time and he heads off <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> or body. The <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> body becomes the <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> twenty six different driver <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> to win a Winston Cup <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> race in Rockingham <Speech_Music_Male> checkered flag. <Speech_Music_Male> Labadie scores <Speech_Music_Male> the terror Lou. <SpeakerChange> Kmart <Speech_Female> four hundred two <Speech_Female> thousand seven <Speech_Female> Nelly Furtado <Speech_Female> rockets to <Speech_Female> international fame with <Speech_Female> her second number. <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> One smash hit single. <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> Say it right. <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> Martin Scorsese <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> cleaned <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> out the seventy Ninth <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> Academy Award <Speech_Female> Receiving <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> Best Picture Director <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> Editing <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> and screenplay <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> honors for <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> the Tenth Crime Drama <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> the departed <Speech_Music_Female> meanwhile <Speech_Female> matt. Kansas stole <Speech_Female> the show just fifty <Speech_Female> miles away from <Speech_Music_Female> Hollywood leading <Speech_Female> one hundred thirty three <Speech_Music_Female> laps and guiding <Speech_Music_Female> the rash racing <Speech_Music_Female> Ford to victory in <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> the Auto Club. Five <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> hundred his <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> second win. On the two <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Mile <SpeakerChange> California <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> oval <Music> <Advertisement> <Music> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Male> was to <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> top for them last night <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> in the Bush series <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> race. Looks like <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> he's to toughen them <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> in today's cup <Speech_Music_Male> race. Matt Kenza <Speech_Music_Male> enjoys a gap <Speech_Music_Male> of about eight Carlin's <Speech_Music_Male> over Jeff. Gordon <Speech_Music_Male> Matt Kenseth <Speech_Music_Male> loves it here. Hannah <Speech_Music_Male> looks like he's on his <Speech_Music_Male> way to another <Speech_Music_Male> ten victories. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Do the California <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> sweep winning the <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Bush race here yesterday <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> and winning the <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> five hundred here today <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> entered expense <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> boards <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> nominee of California <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> speedway their eighth <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> victory <Speech_Music_Male> but checkered flag waves <Speech_Music_Male> over met Kensworth. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> He's <SpeakerChange> won the <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> auto club. Five hundred <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> and those <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> are just some of the events <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> this week <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> in <SpeakerChange> NASCAR <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> history. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Thank you susie. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> That's going to put a wrap <Speech_Music_Male> on the show this week. <Speech_Music_Male> We liked. Thank Matt <Speech_Male> Benedetto for joining <Speech_Male> us. Also our <Speech_Male> thanks to tyler. Rettig <Speech_Male> Jimmy Johnson's <Speech_Male> crew chief cliff Daniels <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> Rose Billy Molten <Speech_Male> for stopping <Speech_Male> by for the rest of the Marin <Speech_Male> crew.

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