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The from the banks of the grand river high above the gorge. This is the buzzer pod. New releases industry insiders out of the box conversations in music with guests from the true north from the west coast to the east coast and across the pond and down under now. Here's shave on air indie episode seven. Welcome enjoy it's february. The second today in nineteen fifty-nine buddy. Holly richard balanced and the big bopper played last ever gig. They appeared at the surf ballroom. Clear lake iowa. They died in a plane crash. The following day the day that music died in nineteen fifty-nine. Our guest is indie folk songwriter. Alleyoop slam based in brooklyn new york. Allie gets real about his debut album. The last american the last american an stick collage of stories about growing up. Straddling a pakistani culture of his family and the american culture of his peers. Anyone who's ever felt they don't quite on for any reason will relate to this show. Welcome alley how are you today. I'm doing well share. How are you. i'm doing great. Did you have a wonderful holiday. I did yeah. I had a very pleasant to present. Pleasant break us good to have a break. Your debut album. The last american is getting great reviews in particular vents magazine and current music dot com They actually said it was beautiful expiration of sandwich. I agree with Is there any other nods to the album. It can tell yeah. The dancing with architecture had a really great review. that That just was lovely written. And then i. I was just featured in rolling stone india Yesterday is kind of an artist to check out and and a record at checkout which was a little bit of a surprise for for all of us. But but you know. We're grateful for the coverage for sure david day franklin of dancing about rx gesture road great review and he actually said that your song really about america of the world today. How do you feel about that Well that was the line that really kind of touched me we had. We had this thesis about What we were trying to do right. And who and who. You're writing for And you can have a lot of ideas about what you're doing as an artist or what you're doing for project but for them you know someone else to listen to your work And sort of pick up on all of those intentions or so many of those intentions. It's it's really kinda gratifying And so i. I'm very grateful for that. Review volley wrote an excellent review. I couldn't have written it any better. Sounds terms of music always drawn to music certain event or happening that drew you to me. Well i. I've always been drawn to music. But i i didn't have the opportunity to be a musician until a bit later It's it's a little bit of a interesting story where i you know. I graduated college. I studied architecture and graduated right in the first few months of the of the recession. And there was an There's no work for anybody. But there was a specially no work for architects right because nobody was building investing or developing. And so there was just a lot of time. You know. And i and i went to a a new year's party or actually i don't remember what what what the occasion was. I went to a party at a friend's house and He had a bunch of band gear in the basement. You know he had hit a drum kit and some a bunch of guitars and amps and things so just asked him about it too cool. You have a band. And he's like yeah. We do but we don't have a singer. I'm looking for a singer. And i said i'm a singer which at the time was an absolute lie. I had never been a public performer of any kind. You is saying the shower but not too loud. Because they don't want anybody hear me. But here i am with a lot of time my hands and my and my friend has abandoned. He needs a singer and So so now. I'm going to be a singer. And he says great. Go home and send me a demo now. I'm terrified right. Because i have to one figure out what a demo is and to record one So like. I said i had a lot of time in my hand so i went home and i recorded a demo of me singing And i didn't like any of it And so i. I kind of call him back and i said you know you guys composed anything And so he. He sent me a link to kind of instrumental things that they had been working on. And i wrote a few songs for those pieces and i kind of came to their next rehearsal and perform them and they loved it And that was kind of my in Until sort of becoming a musician actually through through songwriting the home before anything else perform mostly solo act. It's mostly solo act now That band i am still in touch with all of them. And i love them. But you know that was that was sort of right out right out of school And you know we're all still kicking around but over time. Economies approved relationships change And you know kind of people move in different directions. So that band kind of broke up But then all of a sudden i was. I was a singer. A songwriter without Without a lot of musical skills under my belt so the road to becoming a solo artist is a little bit of a winding one Because i had to kind of learn how to compose in different ways. Now right United always kind of had a band communicate with and people to to lean on and now all of a sudden i didn't But i was still writing. And i was still kind of coming up with melodies and coming up songs and lyrics but i didn't. I didn't have a lot of guitar skills. They didn't have a lot of skills. So those kind of i had to pick those up. I had to learn how to do that. before i could truly call myself a solo artist so you taught yourself adult. Oh yeah absolutely. I came into. Music is an adult and kind of backwards. If you think about it like was was the front man in a band and having a lot of fun and we. We made some great music. But i'm very proud of that ban called the new bedford's And then i find myself kind of improving as a writer and then not having all the tools i need to to kind of keep keep this craft going And so yeah. I sort of i. I've written all the songs. And i i would perform them acapella. You know i. I would show up to open mics and perform acapella. And then i i kind of slowly found Some compatriots who who could teach me. And then i could learn what whatever else i needed to learn to learn how to play the songs that i'd already written so yeah definitely. I definitely came into this as an adult and very much with the with the intention of creating the project. That's out in the world now. So is your future dedicated. She said are you still active.

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