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Yeah and another time not completely shutting down. I mean that niners team had a good day back down I mean they also add the advantage of having. Yeah Yeah and so you're GONNA get into position here. Do you think the niners could possibly outscore them if they had to I and maybe they can. I mean Garoppolo I only through the ball eight times but look he's been steady Nama homes but he. He's not an issue back there he's not liability by any means but I mean when they traded for sanders sender's The offense got a little more dynamic. We actually have a couple of futures on on deebo Samuel on to an MVP game. I mean he's a rookie. He's been find Auden they're going to have to score points so you're right. I see this being a giant super bowl where the niners are able to hold the ball over forty one minutes in nineteen points. Yeah I mean the Otis Anderson in that game in that that offense was was really incredible and lots of times. You just need what you know. Essentially what Houston got early in that game which is a couple of dropped balls a couple of deflected balls you know in a couple of breaks to to just get them off the field. It's almost like you have to get a break to get that Kansas City team off the field. We're talking to exhibit. Eric is the vice president of Racing Sports Book Book for Hollywood Hollywood Casino in Charleston. All of The sports books in Casinos Embrace books That they own He did anybody decided. Curiosity did is there any sort of big decision on somebody playing an AFC NFC super bowl point spread a month ago. That has a huge aged vantage here. no no huge advantage. I on that I can tell you though there is a a. We have a pretty large network wide liability on the chiefs winning winning the Super Bowl In one of our properties and council Las Iowa that's Kinda chiefs country and they're all cheese fans there line at that point God I I mean the thing. Is it varied so much throughout the year because after mahomes got hurt they might have been twelve because I mean located kneecap and they were. They were taking on water there. I WANNA say eight to one was what a lot of the action is that And that was from a little bit earlier in the year two but I mean a lot of recreational final money. A lot of that's recreation put. You got a big play in council bluffs. That's hysterical. What what was San Francisco to start the year? I've I've no idea what they were. God I don't off the top of my head I mean if I had to guess would you put them in the US four thousand range. Yeah right I mean they would have I would think We don't have as you can imagine since they were plus four thousand. We don't have a lot of liability on them at all so Yeah there's nothing they're that's GONNA stand out. I don't talk about prompts props go ahead yeah no one interesting we had someone come in. I believe it was a nine hundred dollar bed on Shawn McCoy McCoy to score at least two touchdowns on Sunday At odds of eighty to one so I don't know if this person just doesn't like money or or what the He what Akkad last week or they. I don't think he was active. Oh you're saying for the you're saying for the championship game. Not The super bowl. Somebody came in and put that much on Leshan Makuwata scored where two touchdowns look out for the Super Bowl for the super bowl knowing that I believe in active for the last call right okay so it was for the Super Bowl Year. Will maybe this person knows that he's going to be active. I don't know it's not like they needed him no they don't they don't Williams pretty good. I mean they're pretty good. I I they score points It flows Shawn McCoy. lesean McCoy scoring two touchdowns I I would think the niners are in for an incredibly long day What's the most interesting prop bet on the aboard? I mean it could give me a couple that you think are going to really interests betters. You know it sounds again. It's the coin. Toss just has intrigued. Because of it's the coin toss and it's quick action and it's you know you're you're betting on somebody flipping a queen and it's it's You know I would have to spend across the network. We'll probably probably get five digit amount on just people that the coin toss recreational. It's it's Kinda Fun and then people gravitate towards it. That's crazy I would think a lot out of the mahomes numbers are going to be Heavily bad the over under an yardage touchdowns you know it's Cetera But anyway You know I I did want to ask you. So I'm I'm a big college basketball Better Erin I sit here and we just we. We look at the numbers every day Is College basketball heavily. We bet before March or not it is and as you can imagine with college basketball. The thing that makes it trickier there's so many options and An looked I mean. It's it's hard to sharpen lines on. You Know Dartmouth Plan Brown on Friday night and You know people who specialize specialize in those markets. So I do take money. It's really a lot of take a Lotta sharp putting in college basketball during the season Just because of that come March. We'll have more people in the book I around the tournament than we will on Sup. They next weekend. Yeah I mean that first weekend of the NCAA tournament being in a sportsbook. Let's put in Vegas was always quite the weekend for a lot of friends of mine and myself For many years in and I know you're you're sportsbook Hollywood casinos. If for those listening that haven't been up there. It is a great sports book. Great Place to watch Super Bowl great place to go up there to watch you know college hoops in the NBA. Over the the weekends you know in in in March in January February and certainly In March is well. You know it's interesting that you said that about college basketball that you know there are a lot of sharps sharps. I I think it's one of those things you see in college. hoops that that homecourt advantage and these conference games really. You Know How many times you get an unranked team. I'm at home getting a really short number against a ranked team you know coming in and the public gist is all over the ranked team. You know laying a short number. Think that thinking gene at Vegas is somehow aired in the point spread you know. Yeah exactly. It's true and I and I mean there's a lot of guys out there now on some pretty good systems and models for for for Obscure College Basketball Games and I mean when you don't get a volume of action on Games. I mean you know from these. You know the big South Conference or whatever is pick one randomly. I mean you. Don't get a large volume of action on those games. It's hard to know customer tendencies and when you when you finally kind of figured out. That's after someone's come in and and thrown a You know Nope twenty-five thousand playing over in the in the winthrop game I like looking at the walls. Like what the heck just happened What Oh you do when that happens when somebody comes in? Let's say tomorrow okay. And they've got the over in the you know In the in the winthrop winthrop Radford Game Gardner Webb Game. What do you do you? Do you have a limit on those games. It depends on the profile of the game. There's not really ah explicitly stated limit Frankly we usually take the money and we've done that and and our whole last year was still Nine percent despite US I was getting taken for all that money on the world series so the approaches were pretty. Well I mean we. Have you know good competence in our numbers. But I'm not saying there isn't a situation where we would limit a game based on just the overall profile of it but it's going to be a more obscure game versus a highly liquid market rocket. UNC Duke Game there is that built-in advantage called the vague which puts you in position to sure? Just take it ultimately. It'll work out but it is funny about college basketball and I can't tell you how many nights you know in in mid-january I've been sitting there and all the sudden there's like you know Tau Sin Against William and Mary and William and Mary's got undefeated in League play a and they're only laying on the road against like one of the worst teams in the contrarian in me has always said good God. I'm on Talisman for the limit and sometimes is it works. Sometimes it doesn't it. It's called gambling for a reason. There's no truth theory or system that really works consistently wouldn't that be your advice to anybody. That's trying to to delve into the world of gambling. For the first time I think the percentage of players who are truly sharp and over the long haul or winning players this is incredibly incredibly minute You can go on runs but you know people tend to regress to the mean and You know I'm not saying there aren't got our guys in our players who went over the along certainly are but Yeah there's no one-size-fits-all infallible system now. If any way if you if you've got one or knows someone who's Alan please let me know I will play it right away. I always enjoy talking to you. Thank you so much Erica appreciate it. We'll talk soon absolutely Kevin. Thanks for having me. I like Eric a lot. Good guest Really good information Big Sports Fan. Obviously and that's big responsibility when you're running a lot of different sports books but you know what Aaron. It's better to be on his side than on the side were on yes his side pretty much. Guaranteed lock to win I do think it's funny. You know that one of his biggest exposures right now is from their sportsbook in council. Bluffs Iowa Real quickly before we run for the day Big Games Sunday for Maryland At Indian I loved it. Indiana won that game last night Erin. And they've got sort of short turnaround before the game on Sunday. Marilyn's got all the rest Maryland. Never gone into Indiana and one. They've never been in Bloomington as a big ten member they one is an ACC member at Indiana at Assembly Hall of that. That's only two or three trips. I think for whatever reason they haven't visited any and all that off is it only two or three well. They've only this is only your five right in the league. Twenty fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen. Yeah right they're for. It was fourteen fifty. You're not in the big ten It's a big weekend for college basketball. I'm not going to watch the problem. Not even going to talk about the pro bowl but in the big ten alone tonight. Wisconsin at Purdue Tomorrow Illinois at Michigan and then Sunday Sunday Maryland and Indiana and Michigan State at Minnesota. And how about this. Ohio state was the number two team in the country a month and a half ago and right now they are reeling I mean they have lost six of their last seven games. They're not ranked anymore They have northwestern this this weekend on the road that is When I saw them in December Destroy Villanova November December Than Destroy Carolina? We we know what Carolina was. They destroyed Penn State. A Good Penn state team. I thought. Wow this team is so good defensively. They got a chance to win the whole thing and they're now twelve and seven seven to win six in Lee play Really Strange Year in college basketball for sure but That's a big weekend for college hoops this week..

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