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In the Nevada area. It was a multi agency search around the Loma Verde open space, according to the Nevada Police Department today. Officers were originally sent to a crash and a car fire at a gas station off of in front a road on Saturday a truck crash with an S U. V and then the truck fled the area while the SUV caught fire. The people inside the SUV suffered minor to moderate injuries. Police then said the driver of the truck waiter robbed a man of his keys at gunpoint took the car and later Behind after searching for the man overnight. Law enforcement eventually arrested vivid McKendrick. Police went on to say that McKendrick was also responsible for Carjacking a vehicle in the Camp Meeker area and Sonoma County and then later stole a car in Petaluma. I'm Jordan Christmas Sacramento Traffic checking kfbk traffic eastbound 80 from the split tow Roseville, leaving Sacramento about a 10 minute ride right now, North Bound 99. Not too much of a worry through YOLO County about 49 minutes. The alternate I five is moving a little bit faster. 44 minutes so, But either way, you really can't go wrong. South bound five in Woodland. The Vietnam Veterans rest area still remain shut down because of landscape work. That's not such reopened until December. 1st and in fruit Oh highway 1 62 both directions. Shut down because of the wildfire in the area between county road 306 and rode 304 Alden Jacob News 93.1 kfbk Now Sacramento weather. Ah, hot, hazy, Smoky day ahead For today, with.

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