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Exactly what rules that are gonna use if they get into clinch what is what is connor able to if he's nine if not able to kick him or knee him but they can quote unquote clinch like what does that mean does that doesn't mean that eliminates like like o'connor didn't like like in their boxing match where you know he would kind of rotate around him and then they would immediately get broken up then but but how how do you really navigate that or even officiated what what what referee is even is even capable of doing something like that because it's so foreign what athletes commission would agree to it it creates all of these weird things you know i just i it overcomplicated but again i agree with you i said it myself the additional selling point the story line is better if they do it in a cage but if it's if it's essentially a boxing match it it just i don't know how they make it happen but money makes everything happened so it could happen i i don't know it's a weird thing about because it's like okay if they clinched up then he's still allowed to throw punches but he can't trip them he can't like throw i mean i don't know what what are we talking about at that point it's an exhibition match it's not even like a it's it's not even boxing match or a mixed martial arts fight or kickboxing fight or tie fight it's like we've created this new thing like this is going to be you know i am telling you cna circus mixed martial arts cna would it go on as a win on mcgregor's record would he be twenty two and three at the end of it it's just it's so ridiculous talk about this like i said a long floyd.

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