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Uh here as an age well no worse than a gratifying is that it do richard thomas you know when i was growing up his john boy from the walton has as long as ponytail oh dan either audio that's really destroy other go get one hundred percent make this just a discussion about how poorly the mini series eight hundred seventy seven who had no knowledge going in i i will we'll talk about this a little bit later like i think that it definitely it it seeping kings eight capital it benefits from the love we all had for stranger things last year a going in actually kept forgetting that it's a scary movie when i was saying i was excited about it because i was like oh now i just watch the trailer again i don't like scary movie is but i do think that i got it it lean so well on the dynamic of the losers club and the left pennywise scaring off and mysterious left it miseries enough to make me want to know more about in that like i came out of it wanting to watch the miniseries wanting to read the book but feeling like i got a full story even with the chapter to tease at the end which i think is a really difficult thing to accomplish in that they did a great job of with well i think when they were you know been covering this movie for a long time ago coast near carrio fukunaga was supposed to do the goaded true detective and and still was involved in the air and he was going to do a he was going to do a two parter was going to be a more epa kind of adaptation um so it'll be interesting to see how much of his imprint is still left on there are no.

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