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Pick up another win over the Islanders tonight. Boston host New York came to the Bruins took Game one with a five to win on Saturday. Also tonight in the North Division. It's all in the line Game seven between the Montreal Canadians and the Toronto Maple Leafs in Toronto. Red Sox Aaron Houston for an afternoon tilt against the Yes Stroh's and Water Rodriguez against Jose or Equity first pitch set for a little after four tonight. The six years look to sweep the Wizards in Game four in D. C Out West, The Grizzlies host the Utah Jazz trailing two games to one in the serious for Game four in Memphis, Seth ever WBZ Boston's news radio. It's 3 13. We go to traffic and weather together. Super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes on this memorial day and we go to my king. Yeah, thanks, Madison. Well, it's not a typical Monday afternoon rush. Of course, it's Memorial Day. So the long weekend is coming to a close here. That means everyone's heading home for from the long weekend. So we've got a long line coming out of Maine and New Hampshire and 95 South, which is basically jammed up from the wells. Don't quit line all the way to the Hampton told a little over 24 miles now, Ah while ago it was 28 Miles, So we're seeing a little trend here. Alright, 93 south down to stop and go eight miles through conquered basically from 18 enough from from well through conquered and then from 89 down to the hooks it tolls for another few miles. They're now on the cape or should say getting off the Cape Route six West is crawling from Chase Road to the Sakamoto Bridge. That's almost eight miles at least a half an hour to get through this Their sandwich wrote us Hung up two miles for the born bridge. 20 eights backed up a little over a mile into the born rotary to now, once you get up on the roof three north you've got stop and go for a few miles up to Plymouth and basically room 1 39 all the way up into hang him for 95 north is stacked up for about five miles. Coming up to Middleboro The mass Pike west Bounds tide of route 1 46 out past 2 90 Auburn That's over four miles there. Oh, in the Pike East is backed up downtown. From an earlier problem at the 93 interchange to my King WBC's traffic on.

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