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This is a head gamma podcast ladies and gentlemen. Do not adjust your headsets because that's right. This is yet another live. We hate movies recording being broadcast to you right. Now that's right now. We've got a couple of cool announcements <hes> for one one. We've got a patriot episode on national treasure book of secrets out. That's awesome. We're also opening the door for you. Owe on what happens because sometimes tap into yet because we're we're going to be releasing an episode of the next this month <hes> on space seed and something else in the skin of evils t._n._g. Episode where tasha yar dies and this is going to be unlocked to the public exactly so you. I've been curious about the nexus. Now's a good time to check that episode out. It's going to be on this main feed. You'll see you'll enjoy it. You'll see it. It's one of the it's one of the more ridiculous episodes of the nexus. It's a great time so if you've been curious about dipping your toe in those patriot waters. Here's an unlocked episode for all you yet to subscribe burs. That's what i'll call you <hes> to to see what's going on over at the next as we say all the time about the show you do not have to care about star trek. Chris cabin is on the show every month and he don't give a fuck. I famously do not give a shit about star trek. <hes> i like the movies just fine but i do not give a fuck and i want to stress you. Get a unique r._s._s. feed their <hes>. You input into your phone just like any other podcast and boom. It's right there for you. There's over. I think there's a there's going to be like thirty six episodes of the nexus now. It's amazing and you get everything we've ever done. All the other in-studio episodes on the main main movies. I called commentary commentary tracks out. There and you know what actually fuck it. You know what i'm gonna say bucket. He's going off script patriots changing urging you dial nine. One three hot is changing timber. We are changing the what we would call in the prime episode right to a we love movies episode single month starting with andrew japan..

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