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Play slow or whatever what you start to find his with the different breakdowns is you start to find it is the it's the vibe or the new ones things like the album covers the lyrics the stage presentation become part of what the john ra is about more so than just the actual plate gets music you know so a lot of these you know in terms of tones and sounds would kind of could be in the same thing what chain with sort of breaks them down or break some apart is what you said keith the album covers lyrics you can't repeat things like that let's talk about the differences in singing styles between some of these swit some of these these jonah's what is the what's the john russia you guys research this that has the what i was sort of cookie monster kind of okay yeah that's like the death or the black metal stuff 'cause i can't understand yeah i don't understand anything to say it's like carcass obituary in and you go into the more extreme heavy you get a bands like napalm death these bans all have these cookie monster rally boat will but it's gonna be tempos or different they all take that same approach when it comes to the kind of screaming i don't know what the hell you're saying luckily you do have a lyrics sheet in the but if you don't well know like annum and celtic cross and band place on slower compose of you believe it or not and you could actually understand somewhere but it was still heavy heavy ban that can get maybe more in europe didn't get extreme exposure here in the us level more honor ground actually have kilter i want to bring i wanna throw it throws genre out there like kind of wild card here do you guys know what co i medal is a medal i read about it but i didn't i see word actually means cute metal cute middle shoot medal and this is kitty singing yeah yeah it's like it's a it's mainly in japan fuses aspects of heavy metal and j pop japanese pop and usually performed by these you know a female acts that play metal dazzle vision baby metal lady lady baby oh baby they're so cute baby metal oh look at them to their little skirts yeah yeah yeah so you can check baby metal but so that's a that's how all over the place and we were talking as we were playing song i'll out how you know these john rose peel take them very seriously you know you don't you don't show up at you know at thrash metal thing playing prog metal i mean just somebody's going to like get you're gonna hurt you yeah that's just not going to get not going to work metal fans are serious serious about their favorite voting when he got really can i talk about my favorite all right let's just get down to just get it over with get over with keith here we go just lay back in this might be when he wanted your bundt cake yeah go check your bunk can't.

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