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Joining us as he does once a month in studio here, he is Arizona governor Doug Ducey governor. How are you today? Very well, thanks for having me today. How about that? Breaking news Representative David stringer, the guy who said they're not enough white kids in Arizona's schools, we found out a month ago or two there were sex crimes in one thousand nine hundred three and he says I am resigning. Are you surprised governor I called for representatives stringers resignation in June today, he resigned, and he did the right thing? He he spared the state and the legislature convulsions over this issue. And now we can move forward. So what is far as you know, or that you can tell us. What's why wouldn't he resign earlier? I mean, did you have to literally like push him out or convince him to step down? Or why did started way back? A couple years ago than the sex allegations. And then now we're in March of two thousand nineteen why can tell you everything I know, and I don't know anything more than what you have read. I mean, there was going to be an ethics trial on this. There was going to be an investigation. There was a subpoena and a court date and today he made the decision to to resign. So those are all questions for him. He could have saved himself some pain and agony by doing this earlier, but he made the decision today, but backchannel calls or you didn't call anybody and say, hey, look for the best interest of this state. You've you've gotta convince them or I've got to convince I made one comment and the comment called for resignation, and I let that comment stand. And then this became an issue for the legislature. They are a separate and Coequal branch. And I think part of the reason we enjoy a good relationship with them is I respect that relationship. Arizona governor Doug ducey's join Jonasson in studio. So we had Don shooter booted he did run. Again and lost. But this guy is a bad, apple and David stringer. Now. He's gone. How do we get Representative Kelly Townsend out? Well, first let's talk about how Representative spring will be replaced. Okay. This is the this is the. Yeah. The pike county board of supervisors will be presented with a list of names. And then someone will be picked among the supervisors, and we'll have a replacement for representatives stringer, and I'm going to work with everybody in elective office, Republican or democrat the people have spoken. These are this is our elected legislature. And that's my job who we're almost done cleaning out all the garbage. I mean, you know, we've got a couple of bad apples, and you've got one who's an anti vaccine going through all these bills. Governor who you say you're gonna you're gonna veto all these antibac- cer- bills. You know, maybe we could push her out the door next. We'll let me be straight up here to all the parents out there. Get your kids vaccinated.

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