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Sports way will press the final week of the regular season for college football you get six ranked teams in action on this Black Friday they are under way for Charlottesville well under way actually early second quarter at its Virginia the number twenty four Virginia Tech right now by a score of thirteen to three the next game to kick will be I was visiting the brass get in like in that one getting under way shortly after two thirty eastern iron bowl tomorrow in Auburn Gosnells on always looking forward to coaching against Nick's even partial they're counted they're always going to be one the most talented teams in the country or the most towns nearly obviously does a good job coach number you know this is what the ten terrible of import of so you know which other pretty good I'm as one for the past five matchups between the rivals top twenty five college hoops battle for Atlantis third place game in the Bahamas right now with about two minutes to go in the second half it is North Carolina living organ sixty three fifty six seventy five Ike and Zac in Michigan in the championship game meantime Orlando invitation only get the Frank Maryland trailing Hartford right now forty nine to forty four with just under twelve minutes to go in the second half do global and Kentucky on action later on that nee pro action in Brooklyn under two to go second quarter the nets on eight oh run Ellie the Celtics fifty six forty five at the back end of a home and home series carrier being missing is eight in a row for the nets on ice Rangers Ambrose just about to get underway in Boston and an end to the bill Peter saga short time ago flame Jenna manager Bratcher living an ounce Peters resignation as Calgary head coach four days after a former player if is a chemo Lou came forward and said Peters directed racial epithets toward him some ten ten years ago when Peters was coaching in the Chicago Blackhawks minor league system I'm crystal Presti this is the most and I intend to get a full recap of all the creatures from the NFL and college football join us Monday morning six eastern only here at thirteen hundred on your dial on the internet at X. T. already sports thirteen hundred dot com this is extra sports thirteen hundred live from southern California this is the Jim Rome show with guest hosts Bryan Webber on CBS sports radio kicking off another hours of program brought to you by a rocket mortgage by quicken loans rocket mortgage with you every step of the way providing a seamless mortgage experience hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving enjoyed some interesting matchups somehow some way even though a new hero in Detroit and a game a loss because we're talking lions football David ball played well the undrafted rookie from Purdue get that game intriguing into the final quarter Metra risky came up with the late Dr Chicago needed but that's not what's dominating the conversation nor are we focusing on what the same state in primetime in large measure because Atlanta is in disarray although the falcons went to the war was won a couple weeks ago we know that Dan Quinn is dead man walking professionally to lose a job at the end of the year states won the division title again no it's Jason Garrett conversation dominating the program if you want to be part of the show we take phone call selectively at one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six your best bet emails Roman have a take dot com always available.

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