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Guard has been supporting every inauguration since 18 61. In the last couple of inaugurations. We've gone to what we call guard Nation to bring in guardsman from other states and territories. So for this one way, have off 54 national guards here and support As of this morning, we have 21,000 Guardsmen on the ground. Walker says the city will witness three times the number of National Guard troops typically seen on Inauguration Day. The FBI has arrested a rural New Mexico County commissioner for his alleged role in the U. S. Capitol Riot. NPR's Kirk Siegler says quite Griffin founded the far right group Cowboys for Trump. Griffin was arrested Sunday in Washington, D C on the charge of breaching the U. S Capitol. He had posted videos to Facebook with alarming language, including one where he suggested that blood could be running out of the building. Last week, During a county commission meeting in New Mexico, Griffin repeated a baseless right wing conspiracy that China stole the election from President Trump. And then listed the guns he planned to bring to D. C. I've got a 3 57 Henry Lever action and I've got in the trunk of my car and I've got a 3 57 single action that I'll have underneath. The front seat on my right side. Court documents noted the fact that Griffin plan to bring firearms to the inauguration Kirk Siegler NPR news, calling this a time of peril, but also a time of tremendous possibilities. Head of the end of the Legal Defense and Educational Fund, says the organization wants a new generation of civil rights lawyers in the south and now it has a $40 million gift from an anonymous donor to put them through law school. As NPR's Carrie Johnson. LDF president, Caroline Eiffel says the scholarships will focus on the place where most of the LDS cases originate. The South is a critical region in this country for civil rights activism. It is still the region where a majority of black people live. The program is named after two LDF alumni late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and Constance Baker Motley, the first black woman to be a federal judge. Scholarships will cover tuition, room and board and other training. In return, applicants agree to spend at least eight years working on civil rights cases in the South, Eiffel says they're likely to handle voting rights disparities and housing and education and other cases. Carrie Johnson NPR NEWS Washington This is NPR news. This is W. N. Y. C in New York on Shawn Carlson, a Staten Island man is the latest person to be arrested on charges related to the violent mob action at the U. S Capitol earlier this month. Law enforcement sources say. The 20 year old is or was a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Live streamed the riot. The other New York men were also arrested over the weekend. 26 year old Brandon Fellows was arrested Saturday he had posted a video of himself with his feet on the senator's desk. 25 year old Edward Jacob Lang of Newburgh also posted videos of his own participation, according to New York Times, including one he had captioned arrest me. Well, the FBI did just that on Saturday. New York City's former transportation commissioner is going to Washington. W M I. C Stephen Nessen reports Polly Trucking, Berg will be the new deputy secretary of transportation. Trajtenberg left the BOT back in November to serve on President elect Biden's transition team now shall work alongside Transportation Secretary Pete Buddha Judge In a tweet. She says she wants to focus on safe, equitable and environmentally sustainable transportation, which she hopes will both create jobs and lift the economy. New Yorkers are hoping she'll steer federal assistance to projects that have been stained need by the Trump administration, like congestion, pricing and the Gateway program. Others are hoping she'll forge ahead and find a way to replace the most crumbling sections of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. Ah project she began at New York City's D O T. York hospitals have been slow to comply with the new try Sprint transparency rule that went into effect this month. The federal role requires hospitals to publicly disclose what they charge for each service treatments can very depending on which hospital someone visits and what insurance plan they have. But Gotham's supporter Caroline Lewis says So far only the city's public hospital system has made the disclosures while others claim to still be working on it. There is a penalty for not complying of up to $300 a day, but many people are saying that that's not enough, and some are saying that they will need to suffer. Reputational consequences if they don't comply. And maybe that would help. The American Hospital Association says they're still gaps on how to meet the new requirements and that many.

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