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Hello and welcome to south beach sessions. You know we are growing around here at meadow lark media. We are adding a lot of voices and people and talents and expertise is that are someone and people that. I think that you're are going to really grow to admire and love their work. If you don't already and lynn novick has been someone who has been making great documentaries with. Ken burns for a long time. The latest is hemingway. It is exhaustive. It is profound. It is humanizing his complicated and i want to talk to her about that because it like much of what she makes is artful on subject matter where the degree of difficulty. I don't believe people understand how hard it is to go through archives and keep that visually stimulating when you're going through such dense and complicated subject matters so anyways i'm thrilled to have lynn. Novick doing advisory stuff and consulting stuff for metal arc. Median thrilled to have her on with us now to talk about her latest work which is as i said as all of them seem to be len and thank you for joining us exhaustive. Did you enjoy this process. Are you someone who enjoys the meticulous thoroughness of having to go through every piece of dust and particle in. Someone's past and bring it to life. Thank you for having me. And i'm really excited to be working with all of you and you know just to say that i don't think enjoys probably the right word. It's totally absorbing and captivating and just lose yourself in a story in the material and that's a wonderful feeling i. I think it's almost ken to what i've heard described as flow. Where you sort of lose track.

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