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But that's not. It is. I mean. Next year somewhere hopefully here. I love it here, obviously young team talent. And to be a part of a thing. It's always difficult for the team that isn't the last one standing, but you can imagine how disappointing this is for the Yanks who lashed here were down. Oh to in the division series came back and won it in dramatic fashion. Because we got a game five and then went in and play the Astros toe to toe intil the game seven, so they bowed out. And they made a lot of changes think about it. They got rid of Joe Girardi and brought in Aaron Boone in the whole idea was to have a manager who communicate better with the younger generation of players and would be able to think outside the box, which very often it backfired or or had to do with essentially thinking the way that Brian Cashman was thinking. But there could be some more changes moving forward. They've got the bats lot of injuries that share. Okay. So that's a I mean, they did win one hundred games. So it's not like the season was was a disaster or anything, but they were without Aaron judge for. A long stretch because of the broken wrist. Gary Sanchez was also on the DL they had a budget different guys Didi gregorius they thought for a while might not be able to play the rest of the postseason and potentially. They could be without not just CC but Brett Gardner moving forward. Longest tenured Yankee, right? He's the longest tenured Yankee. Yes. And he's one of my favorites in major league baseball. I love that his uniform as always dirty. I love it. He still plays such intensity. He's a guy that will run his rear off on the base pads. Even if it's supposed to be a routine play and at thirty five years old. He's a guy who brought a lot of leadership and wisdom to the clubhouse. So with so many young guys at a brand new manager. It was important for CC to set the tone important for Brett Gardner to help to set the tone and this was a record breaking season for the Yanks. But to not get past the Red Sox. It's hard when you think about it. Right. Because the Red Sox are the pressure was on that they're supposed to capitalize after one hundred eight win season. But to have the hundred win season end where it is. It's definitely hard. And I wasn't in the clubhouse. But the report was that Brett Gardner was teary eyed and emotional, and maybe that's not just about the losing. Also, potentially about seeing the end of an era for him. We'll just be really really good tan..

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