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For an experimental therapeutic against Cove in 19 that could be used not only to treat infection but to prevent it. Regeneron says. It's anybody Cocktail, which was given a former president Trump when he contracted covert. 19 has shown positive signs in a phase three clinical trial as a passive cove in 19 vaccine. The company says the cocktail showed 100% prevention of symptomatic infection and about 50% lower overall rates of infection. The company says the cocktail could provide immediate short term immunity for high risk populations, in contrast to typical vaccines that can take time for the body to create its own immune response. Marco Malard, ABC news state epidemiologist, Dr Rachel Hurley, he says the good news is covert cases. Hospitalizations and deaths have been trending downward in Colorado the past few weeks. But she says it will be many months before we see a significant impact from the vaccine, so it's important to keep wearing masks and practice social distancing. And no players received enough votes to be selected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. This year. However, last year's class including Larry Walker will be inducted this summer after last year's ceremony was wiped out due to the pandemic. Our next update at seven o'clock I'm Chad Bauer on K Away News Radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FF Now check on traffic with Darren Copeland. From the bed Friend. Sports Traffic Center is still a difficult drive. As everywhere you go is gonna be very slick, snowy, icy. My rule of thumb or everyone's here in the bed Friends course Traffic center is give yourself a little extra space and understand that you're just not going to break his quickly as you normally would. Or biggest problem's gonna be South bound. I 25 on that ramp to North bound to 25. That's looking particularly treacherous right now, as you head up towards the elevator portion will see some delays trying to get an accident out of the way. South Down by 25. A castle rock should be just about gone. A stall in the center lane South bound by 25 after 120th also should be gone old accident at the C 4 70 at right around 10 Carol is causing some problems of people keep seeing cars on the side of the road. So.

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